2012 it’s a WRAP!

2012 was not so bad there were happy moments, there were sad and crazy moments too.  So here is a timeline of the best highlights I had last 2012.


January – I spent new year with the two important person in my life. It was a crazy way to start the year with unlimited supply of dancing and red wine.  I was not able to see the full fireworks show for the 2012 countdown but it was the best moment to spent some time with my best buddies.  


February – Who said Valentine’s is only for the couples and lovers out there.  The best way to spend the love day is  to enjoy the company with your friends with great old Mexican Food.  It was an awesome date filled with laughters and happy tummy. 


March – The birth month of my beloved partner in crime.  She became my strength and my only foundation in this crazy life of mine.  But most specially this month is spent in a different way, because we are expecting for a wonderful gift.  An angel that brought joy and happiness to everyone.


April – The Water Festival in Bangkok, the best month to relax and get wet.   My second year celebrating Songkran, it may vary year per year but one thing remains the same.  It is always fun in Bangkok, to get wet and dance along the streets without nothing to worry about.


May – Labor Day was spent with friends and recapturing the beauty of Thailand.  After four years of being in Thailand, I did not even find the time to discover the culture and beauty of the Land of Smiles. But this time was different it was special. 


June – The middle of the year was spent enjoying our new home.  We moved to a new place, with a new view.  It was a blessing in disguise.  I am just happy and blessed.

july (2)

July – Though I have  dedicated the month of July to my beloved Andrei, but this month was also special because I  got my second tattoo.  A charmed bracelet that describes every thing about my love for life, shoes, beauty, books, love, happiness, lipstick and all the things that makes me sane in this crazy life.


August – Finally decided to go back to the Blackberry World.  I decided to buy a new Blackberry and get my final BB Pin to chat with my beloved friends and bloggers.  Nothing beats the convenience of the Blackberry Phone.  After all I am always the techie girl.


September – After years and months of saying NO to the apple world, I did gave in to purchase and splurge something I can use.  I bought an iPhone for myself.   An early birthday treat.


October – One thing I love about this month is that, I was able to take one item out off my Bucket List.  I was able to go Skinny Dipping in Cha-am, of course no photo to commemorate the night, but the memory will always live forever.


November – I turned 27 and it is hard to accept the fact that there is three more years left before I reach 30.  I need to pick myself up and put everything into pieces.  I don’t want to turn 30.


December – The last month of 2012 where everything boils down to missing my family and everyone else.  I can’t believe that it has been four years since I celebrated my last Christmas with my family and the though of it makes me linger the happy moments during Christmas Eve.

Oh well, 2012 has ended and I am happy that the world did not end.  I am proud to survived 2012 and I will continue painting colors and putting precious memories in the years to come.  I am positive to have a great 2013.  Let us cheers for an awesome New Year!  Kisses xoxox.

2 responses to “2012 it’s a WRAP!”

  1. Happy New Year, Sweet! Looks like you´re 2012 was an eventful one! Here´s to life, friendship and good health all year round in 2013. 🙂

    1. Thanks cheryl.. happiness… mwuah

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