Holiday Cheers and Bliss

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It is the time of the year when everyone is busy wrapping gifts, shopping for that perfect dress and preparing holiday cheers and cards for everyone.  This will be my fourth year spending Christmas alone.   I do miss spending Christmas with my family, especially the food, the fireworks, the get together, and  my favorite part is opening my gifts.

The sound of that shiny, shimmery paper being torn apart is music to my ears, the unexpected presents given by crazy friends, that precious box filled with laughter and surprises, nothing beats enjoying the company of your loved ones and family.   I only wanted to celebrate Christmas in a cool and breezy weather and sipping wine while listening to these holiday cheers.  How was your Christmas everyone?  Mine was a bit cold, missing the company of my family but too hot to handle with Bangkok’s latest weather.  2012 has been a crazy year.

2013 is coming what are your expectations for the coming year?


This was the last photo I had Christmas with my family last 2008.  Oh, good times…

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