Sparkly at 27-ish….



the entire office staff with my co-celebrant… 



a closer look at my sweet cake


After all that glitters, I am still sparkling at the age of 27.  Spent my entire day working my ass off in the office, of course I wouldn’t wonder when everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to me, nothing is new.  It has been a tradition already, but what surprised me was how huge my cakes was.

I couldn’t ask for anything else except the comforts of my family with me (I miss them so much!).  Apart from wondering who will be my ultimate Mr. 27 because of the fortune that was given to me 7 years ago, it would be nice to get a special gift packed in a wonderful jewelry box (calling Mr. 27).   Probably not a ring, since I am not yet ready to get hooked, maybe something that sparkles like these diamond earrings, just make it glittery and shiny and I am a happy girl.

Happy 27 to me, I cannot believe how a year has passed by so fast.



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