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the world in my eyes


I dream of a home, far beyond the sea
Where there is love and peace and joy for me
In my eyes, I see troubles and danger for me
But destiny where it leads me, I must go…

Lately I am feeling nostalgic and just a bit sad, I do not know why?  Maybe the hormones or too much problems in my mind.  These are not really deadly problems but I’ve been emotional and tired.  Too cut the story short, I’ve been very grumpy and moody, so a Hard Road to Travel is the best song for me to express what I really feel.  Honestly speaking if not for my different shade of lip color and my gorgeous messy hair, I would look like a crappy, poor, old and scary person.  Hahahahha!!!!  Went to Terminal 21 in Bangkok and was amazed to travel my favorite cities in just two hours.  Kidding, I love their interior design and its just so beautiful to just enjoy the scenery inside the mall.

Please ignore my flip flops, I know its a mortal sin to be walking in flip flops but trust me, it is a must, it has been raining in Bangkok and I was just to lazy to wear my wedges again…

dress: Bangkok Finds

cardigan: Bangkok Finds

flipflops: Rip Curl

bag: Calvin Klein

accessories: F21 and combination of Chinatown finds, black bracelet is a gift from Meh


3 thoughts on “the world in my eyes”

  1. Hello Sweetie, thanks for dropping by at C&P 😉 flip flops or wedges for me, your beauty & smile are enough to brighten up someone else’s day & btw, I love your messy (sofisticated) hair style.

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