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WARNING: Cuteness Overload


This Duo 


This cuteness!!!

(Andrei Mathieu Veloso Geromo)


So I have fancied of getting pregnant and having a cute adorable “mini sweet” but I guess time will come for me to become a mother.  Nonetheless, I have been wanting to kiss and hug  my little baby love at this moment, he is without a doubt the cutest kiddo ever.  I would remember how his mother and I go out late at night, eat our hearts out and yes, late night movie marathon and just enjoying her pregnancy.  And during the pregnancy of his mother, I think I was the one who was getting all the cravings and the love for food, probably all the reason for the love connection I have with my little prince.

I know he is going to be the sweetest kid ever, because he is surrounded by great and loving people.  On top of that, he is an angel, who has given me strength and happiness even though we are miles apart.  I cannot wait to hug and kiss you and of course see your smile, I would wonder how you would react to my squeaky and crazy,loud voice.  Trust me, the following photos of my babylove Andrei, will definitely take your stress away.  Enjoy his cuteness!!!


Oh his adorable SMILE!!!

I think he is having a bad dream here!!!

When he was still one month old!!!! (Baptism)

Future Heartthrob….

and YES!!! The signature tongue out pose of Tita Sweet and Mommy Anna…

He is our strong prince…

When he grows up, I think he is going to regret having a crazy Aunt like me hahahaha!!!!


4 thoughts on “WARNING: Cuteness Overload”

  1. Ah, so adorable! Like you, I have this craving too to become a mother. We´ve decided to start building a family next year. I would so love to feature this baby at my kids style blog, creativefashionkids, can I use some of his photos? Please let me know. Thanks.

    1. Hello Glee, yes you babe 🙂 if you want I can give more photos which are so adorable and more fashionable as well. I will send it to your email address 🙂 kisses

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