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Of corporate skirts and birthdays…



Oh yes, I have been working in the corporate world for a year now. It was not a smooth transition but it was hell worth it. I am mostly happy to know that I have grown so much in a years time. Both mentally, socially and yes physically (trust me I am working on it right now). With all the pressure, stress, deadlines, workloads,I have neglected my blog, my sense of fashion and love for freedom. But nevertheless, I am more than happy that I am surrounded by a handful of wonderful, positive and amazing people. This year has changed a lot, everything has been so great and promising. I think wearing my hair down, walking in skyrise high heels, and running around to beat deadlines in a corporate skirt and jacket everyday is far more challenging and fun, in comparison to the usual uptight teacher who can only dress up during the weekends. So this has been me lately, with all the corporate birthdays and gatherings in the office. Enjoy!! Kisses..






5 thoughts on “Of corporate skirts and birthdays…”

  1. Sweet, dugay na gyud ko nangita sa imong blog and mao diay kay pensandlens.wordpress na ka balik.

    It’s good to know that you’re feeling happy and positive. Keep it up. And wear more sky high heels that I am so envious about! Haha! XD

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