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Many are asking how do I maintain my beach wavy hair.  Here’s my secret, after taking a shower I don’t comb my hair usually I don’t put anything, I do not even apply any conditioner.  I dry it out with a towel, caress the hair with my bare hands and put it on a bun.  After an hour or two, I loosen the bun and let it fall down until it stays dry.  After which I put it on a bun again and will just let my hair down every time, I need to charm my clients or decide to take a selfie.  Hahahaha!  It is simply as one, two, three.  No need of any blower or curling iron.  To give you a lasting curling effect, try not combing your hair, I haven’t combed my hair for almost two years, just to maintain it’s natural wave.

So, what is work when you do not have fun??? I love wearing my hair this way, despite my busy schedule I still manage to feel a little bit good about myself. So what do you usually do to feel good about work? Any secret habits?


9 thoughts on “The HAIR”

  1. Mayo unta ingon ani sad ka nindot akoang hair oi. Suyaon gyud ko sahay. Tuskig naman kaayo ni akoang hair gud. Haha!

    What’s your secret? Char. =p

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