Many are asking how do I maintain my beach wavy hair.  Here’s my secret, after taking a shower I don’t comb my hair usually I don’t put anything, I do not even apply any conditioner.  I dry it out with a towel, caress the hair with my bare hands and put it on a bun.  After an hour or two, I loosen the bun and let it fall down until it stays dry.  After which I put it on a bun again and will just let my hair down every time, I need to charm my clients or decide to take a selfie.  Hahahaha!  It is simply as one, two, three.  No need of any blower or curling iron.  To give you a lasting curling effect, try not combing your hair, I haven’t combed my hair for almost two years, just to maintain it’s natural wave.

So, what is work when you do not have fun??? I love wearing my hair this way, despite my busy schedule I still manage to feel a little bit good about myself. So what do you usually do to feel good about work? Any secret habits?

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  1. Heidi Foner says:

    Such gorgeous hair!
    I work in retail so I think… I can go shopping while working! hahahaha. 🙂

    1. Sweet says:

      wow…you are so lucky my dear…

  2. thejeanlouise says:

    your hair is amazing! Natural ni? Suya ko!

    1. Sweet says:

      Yezz natural na…the NO suklay hair 🙂

  3. i make sure to take my breaks, lunch breaks and 15-minute coffee breaks. and as much as possible, i take them out of the office so i won’t get so burned out at work.


  4. Hey thanks for
    The HAIR
    I am impressed by the details that you have on this blog , Always good to find a real expert

  5. Hazel says:

    i miss visiting your blog, sweet!!!! LOVE THE HAIR!!! 🙂

  6. v says:

    sooo pretttty, langgaaa..

  7. chyrel says:

    Mayo unta ingon ani sad ka nindot akoang hair oi. Suyaon gyud ko sahay. Tuskig naman kaayo ni akoang hair gud. Haha!

    What’s your secret? Char. =p

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