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every summer has a story to tell…

I miss the warmth feeling of the sun hitting my fair white skin, I wonder when can I taste the sweet and salty rush of water running down my face, when can I feel the rough and soft spots of the white beach sand.  Everything about Summer keeps me sad and linger to every little part of where I grew up, it is like, it’s wanting me to go back to my beautiful island.

Work has been my number one priority and trust me, I was never this workaholic since I was in college.  I remember staying up late doing our project, finishing and rushing our thesis, editing a lot of videos, photos and more.  The busy life is back again and it may sound weird but this summer is waiting for me to tell my story or maybe you can wait for me to unravel my tale.

Life is crazy, without the sun and the sound of the waves; I feel hopeless but then this won’t stop me in living.  Photos was taken by my awesome cousin inside our Bangkok House.  We were bored and we made a fancy photo telling how to rock summer without going to the beach but still rocking the pumps.  Hahahahha!!!

black dress: Bangkok finds

shoes: Bangkok finds (pretty cheap)

hair: almost a year with no combing or styling hahaha!!!


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