of love and life…

I’ve made a couple of changes in my blog theme which I hope everyone finds reading my post convenient.  I am still finishing some layout design for my site.  I’d say this is my first step in starting fresh, I am overwhelmed by the comments and response of my blogger friends plus the amazing notes of some new visitors in my site.  I’d say I will continue living my life and sharing this tale to everyone.  It was not an easy decision but I guess the whole reason why I love blogging is because I love being in the comforts of my own world, sharing my thoughts and opinions to other people; for whatever is the worth of my blog, I am living my life to the fullest and I am happy that even in some small things, I am able to help someone in anyway.

Trust me, I have a dozen of outfit posts to share with you, great stories to tell everyone and yes the everyday adventure as everyone is facing the year waiting for the world to end, (I really do not think so!!!).  I am all giddily-happy with a big smile on my face and butterflies on my stomach.  I’ve been hit by LIFE again and I thank everyone who has been there for me.  Here is a thousand kisses xoxox to everyone.


11 Comments Add yours

  1. timmy says:

    Aww this post has made me smile, I can Sense your enthusiasm through your writing and I like it. I will come back and visit your blog.

  2. Heidi Foner says:

    Nice new layout! 🙂

  3. shugah says:

    cute layout ate!! and i really miss your blog posts ❤

  4. that’s the spirit sweetie. you just continue to live your life the way you want to and be happy doing so. this new layout is better btw. more reader friendly. 🙂


  5. cherie says:

    love the new layout sweet! i miss reading your posts 🙂

  6. Sharon says:

    A new layout. Nice. Change is always good. Well, I will be waiting and stopping by for all the stories and updates.

    1. Sweet says:

      thanks dear 🙂 thanks for stopping by…

  7. I think you should do whatever makes you happy whether that means blogging more often or less often. I’ll still be following you!

  8. Chyrel Gomez says:

    True. Change is good sometimes. Also, we need to be detached from some things. =)

  9. Girl Games 1 says:

    Aww this post has made me smile, I can Sense your enthusiasm through your writing and I like it.

    1. Sweet says:

      Thanks babe 🙂

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