Bitter October, Sweet November

My mind is twisted and I cannot think properly, not because I got my heart broken by a man but the worst thing happened.  It got broken by a friend, words cannot explain how I feel today and will feel in the upcoming days.  I will never forget how October ended and my November started.  By this I am sharing these quotes to let you understand how I am feeling….


We have many acquaintances in life, and we quite often think these people are true friends. But friends…real friends are few. Learn to know the difference









It’s really sad when your closest friend, becomes the most unknown person in your life & ends up being the stranger you pass on the sidewalk without a glance

I can see now, my eyes are open. I can see you more clearly now. You are not the person you pretend to be

I’m sorry… I didn’t know friendships had an expiration date on them.. Next time at least warn me

Congratulations. I hope what you’ve gained is worth it for what you have lost.

Once a liar, always a liar. They will never change

Ever notice how certain people blame everyone else for their problems in life yet never realize that they are the common denominator in all of it??

Time doesn’t heal wounds, sometimes sorry doesn’t fix it or make it OK…sometimes it’s really the end..

everyone always says that time heals all wounds…but what happens when the wound is just too deep?

But then!!!! Everything happens for a reason… What is important is I am moving on?  I did my part, if there is no reason to explain then so be it??? I am just thankful that I am living a happy, wonderful, great, fantastic, FREE and SWEET life…no pretensions, no lies… just REAL and AUTHENTIC LIFE…

So let us go ahead and say…

Kisses xoxox

photos: / via tumblr

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Casee Marie says:

    Love you, Sweet! I’m so sorry to hear that bad things happened in your life in October, but November is definitely the perfect time to start fresh and embrace the good things – I definitely hope you have a fantastic next month! You’re such a strong lady, I know you’ll overcome these hard times and rise above them. You deserve the very best! xoxo

  2. CinZilicious says:

    Sorry to hear about what happened. I’ve had that happened to me before too, both for BF and BFF, lol….you’re really right about time will heal wounds, i wonder if its true at times too….like do wounds really heal?????


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