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I am an ISLAND girl – FTF blog event 7/13

When I learned that this months blog event will be about the sea and the ocean I couldn’t help myself in planning to visit the beach but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the right time to do it.  So what I did was gather all my old photos and will tell you my island tales.  Most of you know that I am from the beautiful island of Cebu where the beaches looks like magnificent paradise, the city does not sleep, the mountains are close to heaven and everything is SPECIAL and WARM in CEBU.

Everything in Cebu is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME, thus I could only say that this is my favorite place.  From the most honest, happy and smiling people in the Philippines you will never get tired of visiting Cebu.  So what are you waiting for?  Plan your next summer vacation and visit CEBU.  🙂

Virgin Island in Bantayan, Cebu

oh so TANNED 🙂

and lastyly my LOVE for CEBU will never change…

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22 thoughts on “I am an ISLAND girl – FTF blog event 7/13”

  1. i definitely want to visit the philippines again! when i went, we only went to manila and then the cities where my parents are from. we did not get to explore the philippines as a whole (which i think EVERYONE should do). BUT, one thing i did love was visiting the beaches – beautiful oceans! california should definitely take a hint on how oceans should REALLY look like!

  2. I love your photos! 🙂
    And I love Cebu too ❤

    btw, when do I get my samsung tictoc player? Im the winner from your 50,000 view contest in Facebook. dont know where to contact you. it's been months already and i've been waiting for it since from the start ❤

    thanks! God Bless ❤

      1. it’s okay 🙂 i know you’re busy too. i’ll still wait for it. thank you so much! 🙂
        btw, i still havent sent my address. just contact me in my email address ( if the player is already available. thanks again! :*

  3. I love that last picture!!! And your animation is so cool. I couldn’t make it to the beach for this one either, so I posted old photos as well.

  4. Oh Sweet, what beautiful pics, I love the white sand Cebu looks fun & a gorgeous place to visit. I want to goto Philippines. Yes, I agree that’s a perfect ending photo! Miss you too dear! xxoo

  5. Until I met you Cebu wasn’t on my radar at all and now its nearing the top of places I would like to visit list. I love it when you post photos of the landscapes and life on Cebu. It’s so exotic (to me) and beautiful!

  6. Totally agree with B – you’re my official Cebu tour guide, Sweet! I always love when you share the beauty of it because otherwise I really wouldn’t know about it; quite sad that so many beautiful places exist in the world and we can go our whole lives without knowing them, isn’t it? So thank you for that! These pictures are all completely stunning!

  7. woman i am soooooo visiting cebu one day!!!!! and it’s going to be amazing, i just know it. god, it’s such a paradise!! it looks absolutely beautiful and i love hearing about how the people are happy and smiling. a place can look great but if the locals aren’t fun and kind to be around, it isn’t as much fun. these photos are beautiful, i love the silhouette of you making a heart with your hands. you are so precious!!

  8. Oh Cebu! I have not been for ages. It really is everything you described.

    Love the flame gif and your heart image. Thanks for sharing your home, Sweet!

  9. Ok Ill come visit, Can I stay with you fro free?? Only joking but it does look amazing!! I think Ive fallen in lvoe with about 10 places in the last hour of looking at all of these ftf events blog posts! Im going to need to win the lotto if I want to see them all! ha!

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