Here are more photos from the photoshoot and make-up sessions we did before I left Cebu.  More wacky and fun shots and a little glimpse of our house in Cebu.

photo session before eating…sorry for the haggard face…

CODILLA sisters



  1. cruel vitch · July 11, 2011

    so lovely…too bad i wasn’t able to join you guys…hopefully next time…

  2. DaMnViXeN · July 11, 2011

    im still totally smitten by the figlia shoes! they are already out of stock! btw, im the only one who looks so worn out in the photos!

  3. Jenmarie · July 11, 2011

    What fun girl time! Those heels your friend is wearing are so intense!

  4. Heidi Foner · July 11, 2011

    Great photos! You all look so great! 🙂

  5. Casee Marie · July 11, 2011

    Aww, how fun! Her makeup is gorgeous – love that shade of blue!

  6. Che · July 12, 2011

    Is one of your friends a model? she´s so slim! By the way, is the guy your brother? Parang the two of you look alike. 😉

  7. Oh to Be a Muse · July 12, 2011

    the sisters look great. the makeup and clothing are well done. and i really love seeing those heels!

    Please vote for me in the 365 Hangers Style a Shape contest – just click the link and then hit the ‘Like’ button for my look. Your vote is appreciated Sweet!

  8. cherie · July 13, 2011

    it looks like a fun photoshoot and you girls are gorgeous!

  9. KC of Nouveau Skin · July 13, 2011

    looks like so much fun. i love the black dress!

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