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PensandLens x The Vixen’s Lair

What happens when Isabeau of the Vixen\’s Lair came to our house one day for a sleepover.  We have been dying to have a make-up tutorial since I am not really a make-up fan.  And because I just got a new camera for more outfit posts we then asked our gorgeous friends to model for us.  The result watch and have fun.

Model: Jhessa Codilla

Make-up Artist: Isabeau Jane Gomez

Stylist/Photographer: Sweet Veloso

We wanted to achieve a stunning and defined look, since Jhessa has one of the most defined and dramatic eyes in my list of friends.  Isabeau gave her a smoky eye look for a night/going out to a party look.

dress: Fight Bangkok

skirt: Fight Bangkok

shoes:  Jeffrey Campbell foxy glitters

necklace: Elle Veztida

rings:  Loalde and Elle Veztida


4 thoughts on “PensandLens x The Vixen’s Lair”

  1. Wow so vibrant!. I wouldn’t know what to do with all of those makeup colours…
    okay, maybe i would! haha! Love this palette. & always enjoy viewing photos of the application process. 🙂

  2. after having done all 3 make overs i was drained! my respect for makeup artists just went sooo high up!

    thank you dear Sweet for the sleepover! i needed that to water down my stress! i had soo much fun ^^

  3. Hello Sweet!! I totally love your JC’s jud! I will make that my number 1 shopping must-have item when I’ll go to Bangkok!*hopefully*
    Anyway, your photoshoot seems fun! I sooo love make-overs. I wish I look good with make-up on but to my despise, I will look like a drag queen! HAHHA! Kudos to Isabeau for having such nice talent! ;p

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