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Hello guys, I think you are wondering if I am still alive or what???  Seriously speaking I’ve been very busy lately thus the absence for more than 2 weeks.  This has been the longest time since I haven’t posted anything in my site.  Just to let you know that I am still alive okay, I am just so busy with so many things.  I will also be doing a major overhaul with my  blog so stay tune for the changes.

For now check out a few sites that I have discovered, please do check them out!

Show your support for the Philippine Street Fashion, Rob and Marc goes around the Philippines to discover the great essence of Filipino style.  They are fresh and new in the blogging world so let us hold our hands and support our very own Philippine Street Fashion.

I found two new bloggers which I met recently; the lovely Liezyl  and Angeli  want to see something new, personal and fabulous go ahead and browse their lovely site.

And if you haven’t joined the Bloggerhood of the Travelling Scarf, then this is your chance of joining this mini adventure.  From the US to Greece and now it is heading towards the Philippines, the scarf has traveled halfway around the world to bring good luck, style and something to brighten up each bloggers day.  Check out all the Scarf post here and do not forget to like us in Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.  If you want to join simply sign up here.


8 thoughts on “LATELY”

  1. Hello Sweet! Thanks kaayo for featuring me! *blushes*
    I just realized lang nga I was supposed to check out your stuff man diay before going home! :[ Too bad! Huhu
    Til next time and it’s really nice meeting you! :]

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