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Stylebreak, breaks ground!

Owned by Laureen Uy and Katrina Long, Stylebreak has released its latest collection this month called “Linens and Drapes”.  The collection is composed of rouged dresses, draped skirts, sheer tops and color blocking shirts.  This is definitely my kind of style, a fusion of ancient Greece and ancient Rome mixed with the modern fashion trend.

This fashion brand has already made headlines in the Philippine Fashion and was able to bill itself as a combination of chic and funky that is fit for everyones taste.  A one of a kind concept which has been manifested over time and has branded itself as a chic-funky wear, that has always been worn in extraordinary ways by the stylish people in the Philippines.

So I think it is your time to break your style with STYLEBREAK!!!!  

This line knows no boundaries in FASHION.

Visit and check out the collection for yourself.

Visit Stylebreak now!!!


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