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Spring symbolizes splendor and bliss, it is when the earth comes back to life after a cold winter season.  The coming of spring brings on the real beauty of restoring life, that is why there is no doubt that the spring season has been one of the most bewitching and most colorful season of all time.
As beautiful as Spring, my next Full Time Fabulous feature radiates the real glamour of positivity and happiness in the blogging community.
That is why I am very happy to feature Kara as my featured Full Time Fabulous Community member.  Go on discover the real beauty of Sprinkled in Springs.
Name: Kara
Blogging since: March 2010
Bloglovin’:  Sprinkles in Springs
Facebook page: Sprinkles in Springs
Other social networking sites: 
Sweet:  Describe your blog in 20 words.
Kara:  A fashion blog with an emphasis on personal style, including shopping, trends, DIYs, movies, recipes and blogger interviews!
Sweet:  How did your blog start?
Kara:  I started reading a handful of blogs for about a year and thought it would be cool to start my own. I’d come up with ideas or situations that I’d think to myself “If I had a blog… I’d totally blog about this!”, so I decided to pull the trigger and just go for it.
Sweet:  What kinds of challenges did you face when you started your blog?
Kara:  I didn’t understand the importance of networking with other bloggers. (Actually it didn’t even occur to me to visit other blogs and comment on them in order to get followers!) I just thought “If you build it, they will come”, but no one came. I just posted things and that was it- no social networking. 
Sweet:  What have you done to improve your blogging skills?
Kara:  I’ve joined a few communities like Full Time Fashion, Fashion Beauty Friend Friday, and Bloggers Do It Better. Also, using twitter has greatly improved my social networking skills. As for the actual blogging, I suppose the more you do it, the more you’ll hone your blogging style and find out what your readers like to see. I’ve gotten better about taking photos and what pose/angles are best on me, so that helps cut down on the time in front of the camera! I also think my illustrations are getting better with each new Blogger of the Month I feature. 
Sweet:  What kind of topics do you blog about?
Kara:  Lately, I’ve been blogging a lot of personal style photos, but I love doing collages of things I’ve found while shopping online and inspirational pictures I find. One of my favorite things is finding (and loving) new blogs, so I started a Blogger of the Month feature this year (started in January) showcasing people who inspire me. My blog really started out as a place to gather things that inspire me (I call them”sprinkles”), so whether it’s fashion, movies, food, or other bloggers… I’m posting about it.
Sweet:  How do you keep track of your blog’s status and ratings?
Kara:  I use StatCounter and check my WordPress stats. I also do things on Feedburner (but I admit I’m still fuzzy on what it is…), and keep an eye on my Klout score.
Sweet:  What are some of the major decisions you have made with your blog?
Kara:  One major decision I’ve recently made was to switch platforms from Blogger to WordPress. I’m a graphic designer, so I wanted to really design my blog instead of the blog-by-numbers thing I had going on at Blogger. It’s taking some time to get used to, and I’m still working out the kinks, but I think it was a change for the better. And I even have my own domain name now (exciting!).
Sweet:  Do you consider yourself famous?
Kara:  Not at all! I think I’d die of shock if anyone in real life actually approached me as “Kara from Sprinkles in Springs”!
Sweet:  What have you done to improve your relationship with your readers?  How do you interact with them?
Kara:  I make a point to get back to every one of my readers who comment. It means a lot that you all take the time to not only read my blog, but to comment as well, so the least I can do is return the love. (Although I’d love my blog to get so big that it’s utterly impossible to get back to everyone. lol!) I found that it’s better to build lasting relationships with other bloggers than trying to merely ‘collect’ followers; quality over quantity. So I comment on blogs, but I also interact with people on their facebook pages and twitter.
Sweet:  Have you ever had difficutly getting others to accept your ideas and posts?
Kara:  I’m not sure.. I guess if I don’t have a lot of comments or enthusiasm about something I posted, I’ll make a mental note to shy away from postings like that in the future. I haven’t had any negative comments or haters yet, knock on wood, so I guess that’s a good sign?
Sweet:  How do you manage your blogging time?
Kara:  Not at all. I really should have a schedule down so my posts are more regular, since I take blogging seriously; and it would be a good idea to set aside an hour or two a day to interact with the community. I’m just doing it organically at the moment.
Sweet:  Tell us how you keep your blog knowledge current with the on going changes in the blogging industry.
Kara:  I subscribe to Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB), so I read the articles and learn a lot that way. Also, when I come across something I’m not familiar with that I hear other bloggers or people in the industry talk about (like Klout scores), I don’t let it fly over my head, I google it!
VISIT Sprinkles in Springs now!!!

Thank you Kara for your time in this awesome feature….



  1. I like Kara’s down-to-earth style. She seems so sweet! And I’m loving your introductions to these interviews… you’re a beautiful writer 🙂

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