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There will be a lot of changes ahead for my personal life and my site.  I always tell you that PensandLens has become the foundation of my journey in Bangkok, but lately I have been completely unfair to you my dear readers since I am not sharing you the real deal.  Now it is time for a Reality Check, I am giving myself a maximum of five months to capture the beauty of Thailand.  To experience the real beauty of it and just enjoy every second of my stay here.  Honestly speaking I have been missing a lot of things, my friends, the comfort of the people around me and those who stay true towards me.  I am feeling that I am in a panic room, I just lost a lot of respect to someone I look up to.  I have realized that sometimes you just have to let go of things and whatever it takes you just have to go with the flow.

the poison of a snake is totally deadly… 🙂

and some changes in my perspective in life and the people around me.


11 thoughts on “Lemonade”

  1. good luck for the trip and sometimes a change is good for yourself to go to the next step. do live your life to the fullest and remember that you always have your readers
    big hug!


  2. “that sometimes you just have to let go of things and whatever it takes you just have to go with the flow.” that is it in a line. I am going through a reevaluation of my life also.

  3. Hello there Sweet, Sometimes change aids in the major influence in our lives, even when our eyes cannot see it… I’m wishing you good and positive energy to focus on through this time of change. Enjoy the beauty that Thailand has to offer. ~ Do hang in there dear! xxoo

  4. Change is good!! I know it’s hard to be away from friends or family, but true friends and family will always be by your side. 🙂
    Have a lovely day!


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