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FTFCommunity blog event 6/8

I have prepared something on my laptop for this blog event but since I am squeezing this into my busy schedule…I would like to come up with something different for the spring/summer trend 2011. Color Blocking is the current trend that I have never tried but I have loved ever since 2011 came. So here is a visual post for this great trend…
this is my attempt in making a blogpost via the wordpress app in my itouch…








photos: my instagram and google images

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16 thoughts on “FTFCommunity blog event 6/8”

  1. Love all the bright colors! This is definitely one of my favorite trends right now, too! I almost did a post on it, but decided to cover the maxi dress/skirt trend instead.

  2. Loooooooove your post! Love! You interpreted color-blocking in so many different ways. Great job sweet! And brave girl in a bathing suit!! You look GREAT! I would like to have all your earrings, thank you very much. 🙂

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