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So the hub turned 25 today, we had a simple celebration yesterday with closed friends and it was one hell of a dinner treat.  We spent the entire night laughing, eating, talking, laughing and eating again.  It was one of those nights were all of us took our own HAPPY PILL.  No workloads, no phone calls, no deadlines, it was just US having fun together.  And of course the most important thing is seeing my beloved King happy on the eve of his birthday.  After the dinner we spent the rest of the night drinking Tequilla and watched some movies.  One of the most happiest and memorable Saturday of my life, I would not miss mentioning my outfit for that day.  I wore the knitted top I got from my favorite local store in Bangkok and wore the peacock headpiece that was gifted by Madison as a belt and polished the entire outfit with the fab and glittery shoes from Jeffrey Campbell.

top: FIGHT store

shorts: DIY

belt: gifted headpiece turned into belt

bag: Siren London

shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


and the BIRTHDAY BOY!!!! hahahha….I love him so much!!!!


8 thoughts on “Saturday!”

  1. Yay!! so happy it got there safely, I love the green colour in these photos as well… glad you all had an amazing time doll! Laughter indeed is good for the soul.
    Madison -xxoo

  2. Oh ya for the hubby! Happy birthday to him!! Looks like you all enjoyed yourselves!!! Cheer to many more fun birthdays!!!

    p.s. I can’t get over the shoes!! Your shoes are amaaaazing!!!! 🙂


  3. Sweet,

    Love that knitted see-thru top of yours and that cute animal print bag! Looks like you guys and gals had a lot of fun that night. Belated happy birthday to your one and only King! 🙂

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