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for the love of FASHION

I had a very exhausting week but thank God I was able to free myself from over due documents and stuff.  Remember the shoes that I bought from Forever21, I had to debut it at work.  I was totally fine with the 6 inches height of the heels, but walking from our house towards our office was a challenge.  The asphalt road did not bring any justice to my feet, I almost fell flat on my face while walking, good thing I was able to get hold of King’s back.  It was a crazy experience but I was able to manage to arrive at work alive hahahahha!  I was laughing to the idea about the things we do for the love of FASHION!!!

I was a bit disappointed with the shoes or maybe I just got use to the comfort that Jeffrey Campbell shoes has given me.  The shoes was not so comfortable but it was still a great purchase from F21.

How about  you?  What are the crazy things or experience you’ve been into for the love of FASHION???

dress: FIGHT store Bangkok

shoes: Forever21

necklace: chinatown Bangkok

belt: Bangkok


8 thoughts on “for the love of FASHION”

  1. love the colors of that dress. everyday i am a slave to fashion, sacrificing my feet to flesh-eating shoes! the things us women do to look cute!


  2. Gorgeous shoes and dress! I have done many crazy things for fashion. Wearing cute dresses when it’s cold, wearing peep toe heels while it’s pouring rain out. LOL 🙂

  3. oh yes, we’re definitely slaves for fashion! I too had similar experiences with a too-high pair of heels but I sucked it in cos I wanna look nice:)


  4. this is a very cute look and i love the F21 shoes. sorry they were so difficult to walk in. i walked around in some heels yesterday that i seriously wanted to take off because they were killing my feet–but i managed to keep them on for a few hours!

  5. The things I have done in the name of looking fashionable and cute. . .well sexy. Heels, body shapers, corsets, thongs, not eating or breathing for hours. . haha.

  6. Sweet, I love your tie-dyed dress! When I go wout with the hubs I never dare wear heels or if I do I also bring a pair of flats with me because he always tells me that I walk so slow when wearing heels andthen we start to argue.hahaha!

  7. Alright. I got it now.

    First off, the reason why I’m so eager to leave a comment is I like your dress and your style. Gorgeous!

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