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Full Time Fabulous Community Blogger Highlight

I believe everyone is missing this feature but I won’t keep you waiting my dear readers.  I believe everyone in the blogging world knows this most amiable blogger who loves to talk and keeps her blog very entertaining.  Her blog focuses on fashion, photography and everyones favorite FOOD.  I am very happy to feature her in my blog because not only does she possess the most gorgeous locks ever, I also envy her long legged legs and her beautiful smile.  She may tag herself as an obnoxious blogger but for everyone who knows her deeply, she is enchanting and exquisite in the most darling way.  Get to know her as I discover more amazing things about her too.  One more thing, Thank you to Kristy for introducing me to these wonderful bloggers.  Join us by checking the #FTFCommunity on Twitter.
Blogging since: December 31, 2010
Twitter:  @theLOUDERMOUTH
Facebook page: The-Loudmouth Facebook

Other social networking sites:

I’m not rude or mean and I’m rarely negative.  Just because I’m honest doesn’t mean I don’t have tact! 
Sweet:  Describe your blog in 20 words.

Stephanie:  My blog is about my favorite things: food, fashion and photography… along with some home decor & music sprinkled in!

Sweet:  How did your blog started? 

Stephanie:  I’ve actually been blogging for over 10 years, but THE-LOUDMOUTH is my first public blog.  After becoming obsessed with fashion in college and always taking photos of my friends and I in our outfits, I decided I might as well share my world with others!  I’ve always loved writing, so blogging hasn’t been something hard to stick with.

Sweet:  What kinds of challenges did you face when you started your blog?

Stephanie:  At first, it was hard to attract readers.  In fact — I feel like that’s a continuous challenge!  People don’t know who you are unless you reach out to them, and that’s definitely hard, but so much fun!

Sweet:  What have you done to improve your blogging skills?

Stephanie:  I read articles and take e-courses that help hone my craft.  I also pay attention to bloggers that I admire and what tools they use.

Sweet:  What kind of topics do you blog about?
Stephanie:  Most of it is about my life in LA, which is filled with fashion experiences, food adventures and vacations to picturesque places.  I tend to get a little personal and I don’t mind sharing things about my boyfriend, friends and family.

Sweet:  How do you keep track of your blogs status and ratings?

Stephanie:  I use Blogger Stats and Google Analytics, but I try not to become obsessed with numbers.

Sweet:  What are some of the major decisions you have made with your blog?

Stephanie:  Before THE-LOUDMOUTH, I used LiveJournal.  It was hard for me to switch to a different site after one that I had used for so long.  I was comfortable with LJ and pretty attached to it.  Moving to another platform was the best decision I could have made.  It’s easier for readers to comment and view my content — and it’s much easier for me to edit.  LJ is a little old-fashioned and it took longer to get anything done.

Sweet:  Do you consider yourself famous?

Stephanie:  Not at all, but someday… 😉

Sweet:  What have you done to improve your relationship with your readers?  How do you interact with them?

Stephanie:  I’m constantly on Twitter, conversing with my readers.  I reply to comments if needed and I always visit my readers’ blogs.  It’s only fair that I treat them the way I’d want to be treated!  I also feature one blogger each month in an interview post, and once in awhile I do a little “shout-out” post to ten bloggers at a time.

Sweet:  Have you ever had difficutly getting others to accept your ideas and posts?

Stephanie:  Of course!  I didn’t name my blog THE-LOUDMOUTH for no reason.  I say what I want, and if people don’t like it, they don’t have to read my blog.  Having said that, I’m not rude or mean and I’m rarely negative.  Just because I’m honest doesn’t mean I don’t have tact!  I do post some controversial topics — I’m a vegetarian, for example, and not everyone agrees with that lifestyle.  I’ve also posted some nude (and close-to-nude) photos before (not of myself) and that was definitely an issue for some people.  I think I lost some readers, but I gained a lot more!  My blog is aimed toward adults, so I’m going to have some adult content.

Sweet:  How do you manage your blogging time?
Stephanie:  Um, very poorly… ha!  I think I spend too much time blogging.  Then again, it’s what makes me happy so I don’t regret it.  I probably spent an average of 6 hours on-line each day Tweeting, Facebooking, commenting and putting together blog posts.  I also work and have a boyfriend and a life, believe it or not!

Sweet:  Tell us how you  keep your blog knowledge current with the on going changes in the blogging industry.

Stephanie:  It’s hard not to stay current while being involved in groups like IFB and Full Time Fabulous!  I also read a ton of blogs every single day and that also allows me to keep evolving.


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