piece of my world

my old messy room in the Philippines

When I was in Cebu I use to occupy the whole third floor of our house.  I was the Rapunzel in our family, my room is huge enough to let my entire friends stay in for sleepovers or for parties.  So space was never a problem for me, not until I came to Bangkok where in I have to be creative as much as possible to think where to stash all my belongings and how to design my own closet.  Now that we have moved to the new pad, our room is just enough for the both of us.  King was even complaining of how much clothes I own and girly stuff I collect.  So the smartest thing to do is blog hop and check out some creative ideas from bloggers like me and here a piece of my world that I am sharing with you.

I got this brilliant idea of hanging all my glasses from Casee.

my ring a bling holder

I believe I have more earrings than bangles and bracelets.

my favorite sunglasses from Mango and Roberto Cavalli

and my collection of earrings

and my messy collection of bags

my belts and head bands goes to the side

and lastly…

my shoes is still a whirlwind wonder, my heels and wedges are inside the box while my flats and sandals are on the shoe rack together with King’s mighty collection of skater shoes.

So there you go, I am still in the process of segregating my clothes because I am such a bad organizer when it comes to my clothes.  My mom taught me to organize by colors but I usually end up pulling everything out because I cannot remember where I put my stuff at hahahahah 🙂

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. Jenmarie says:

    I think you’ve done a great job with keeping your accessories together and organized! It’s so cool to see that you used Casee’s idea for displaying your sunglasses! I love it! The ring holder is also super cute!

  2. Etrapar says:

    I like how you put your sunglasses 🙂

  3. Hazel says:

    i love your ring holder!! where did you get that? 😛

  4. wow!!! that’s a hell lot of stuff.. i always find it hard to organize my bags. i arrange them in one area. then when i use one, i always get lazy to put it back properly. haha!!


  5. MelRod says:

    Ugh tell me about it. Space is a huge issue for the BF and I. We share not only our closet, but our guest closet, too!!
    He’s always telling me to get rid of stuff. I actually saw the sunglasses on hangers on another blog. I think that’s a brilliant idea!!


  6. Jamillah says:

    OMG! I LOVE your ring holder!!! Like really LOVE!

    I plan to steal Casee’s idea too! It’s so so clever. Thanks for sharing a little piece of your real life dear Sweet…Also your header looks fantastic!

  7. I love all of these pictures! You are very organized. Thanks for sharing these! 🙂


  8. it must be tough going from having so much space to feeling a bit cramped, but you are doing a marvelous job organizing so far Sweet! i love your accessories wall, as I also hang all of my accessories as well. this was a fantastic post to read. 🙂

  9. jasna says:

    Hello babe 🙂 How are you? I loved your post! I think you have organised everything really well considering that you do not have a lot of space. Have a lovely Thursday xx

  10. cruelvitch says:

    i miss going to your room bitch…i remember the sleepover during apple days. someone woke me up coz we’ll have another tagay session…hehehehhehehe the “totoy bibo” punishment for loosing the card game…hahahahahhaha so miss those days…

  11. Casee Marie says:

    Aww, your sunglasses on the hanger look so cool! I’m glad the idea was helpful for you, doll! And I love the way you have all of your rings displayed, that’s fantastic. It’s always so cool to see how bloggers organize, I think. 😉

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