The Bloggerhood of the Travelling Scarf

Last night while I was finishing up some pending documents at work.  I was also busy checking my phone for any twitter updates.  While I was resting my head waiting for my medz to sink in, I decided to tweet about having a Sisterhood/Bloggerhood of the Travelling ___ ( shirt, pants, shoes and etc.)  I was delighted when I received a fun tweet from two lovable bloggers. Madison  and Yvonne, they responded with a delightful YES!  We then exchanged ideas and decided to start something fun and cool.

So what is this all about?

The first person who will receive the scarf first will have to incorporate and wear the scarf making it as their own.  Make a post about their experience or how it affected their day.  Was there a certain magic or luck with the scarf?  Or did they feel anything special while wearing it?  Make a story and share it with us.  After each post the person will then send the scarf to the next person on the list.

How long will we keep the scarf?

Keep the scarf for 1-2 weeks and send it to the next postal address.  As an added amazing gesture, when giving it to the next person you may put a letter, post card or any souvenir that signifies where the scarf came from.  And this will become a cycle for everyone who wants to join.

Imagine the scarf travelling around the world, wouldn’t it be so cool?  I hope everyone is as enthusiastic as I am.  All you have to do is share the experience, keep the scarf for two weeks and pay for the shipping to the next person.  Counting on the standard shipping days, I believe that this cycle will end for a year or even until next year.

The Bloggerhood badge is still in progress, but once everything is all set we will then set the first scarf adventure.

This idea will become a fun challenge and adventure for everyone.  I have prepared a form for everyone who wants to participate in this journey.  EVERYONE in all parts of the globe is welcome to fill out their names and blog name and necessary information.  Please do so on or before May 20, 2011 so that we can start and pick the first person who will receive the Travelling Scarf.



  1. Ashley · May 13, 2011

    I’m in! I’ve actually been wanting to do this with one of my pieces of jewelry! I always wanted to know how others bloggers would accessorize it since we all have different styles, but never got around to officially planning it. I’d even offer up a piece from my emergy line (a necklace) to travel around the globe 🙂

  2. missy s · May 13, 2011

    i joined! i love this whole thing! i’ve been thinking about this idea ever since the book of fashion giveaway lol

  3. ching · May 13, 2011

    oooooh i’d like to be part of this! but i’ll be changing addresses soon.. ill fill in all the details once im settled in my new flat. 🙂

  4. MelRod · May 13, 2011

    This is a brilliant idea love!! Why didn’t I think of it?!! 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend and don’t work too hard! 😉


  5. Sharon · May 13, 2011

    A very neat idea. I can’t wait to read all about the adventures this scarf will find itself on.

  6. Simonette · May 13, 2011

    I do have a “sisterhood of traveling slippers” and the slippers have traveled to different parts of asia and europe. it’s been on for about 2 years now. we do have a different rule (stories form part of our secrets, haha!) but it’s fun. 🙂 in fact, i also have this sisterhood of traveling bag on the works with different set of friends but we have yet to find that perfect bag! 😀

    good luck on this one and i can’t wait to read everyone’s post! if only the scarf can write her own story, it would be great!!haha 😉

  7. Hazel · May 14, 2011

    i’m in!!! SO COOL! i love the idea 😀

  8. ingeluciana · May 15, 2011

    the scarf is so pretty 🙂 such a great thought

  9. ms. eggplant · May 15, 2011

    sooo excited! 🙂

  10. Audrey Allure · May 15, 2011

    Sounds like an amazing idea! Can’t wait to read everyone’s posts!

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  12. DaMnViXeN · May 15, 2011

    sounds like a very wonderful idea! its going to be big!

  13. KC of Nouveau Skin · May 16, 2011

    this is soooo cool! haha!! i wanna join but i guess it’s a girl thing. 🙂 you girls enjoy. i’ll be watching where the scarf goes.

    • fashnlvr9 · May 24, 2011

      No reason a guy can’t join in too! I would love to see what a man would do with the scarf!!

  14. Madison · May 16, 2011

    Yay!! Can’t wait. This was a fun idea & happy to be apart of it with all of you ladies. -xxoo

  15. GRIT & GLAMOUR · May 16, 2011

    Yikes! Sorry, Sweet…I mistakenly put my comment in the form. It’s definitely a Monday. I love the idea, though I’m not able to participate. I am looking forward to seeing the scarf pop up on my fave blogs, though!

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  17. designedbyann · May 18, 2011

    count me in too! I just filled in the form!! 🙂

  18. McKenzie Truman · June 1, 2011

    LOVE this idea! Sounds like it’ll be great! 🙂

  19. Fashnlvr · June 5, 2011

    There is a page on to enter your link to the post you do on the scarf. There we can all follow the adventures of the scarf from one location. The scarf starts here. I’m so happy Sweet asked me to collaborate on this!!

  20. Kirstin Marie · June 8, 2011

    I’m so in! This is such an incredibly awesome idea, and I am so excited to be able to participate and see how everyone styles it!!


  21. jessica · June 13, 2011

    I’ve signed the form, Im so in, great idea! yay!

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  24. Tara Jobe · July 13, 2011

    I just saw one of these posts on Ms. Eggplant’s Chronicles and absolutely love this idea! Hopefully it’s not too late to join! I just added my info to the form. Thanks for putting this fun adventure together!

  25. Camila · May 17, 2012

    Hopefully this is still going on as predicted …a yr or so later!!!!!!!!!! I love this idea!

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