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limits and revisions (FTFCommunity Event 5/6)

Living in a tropical place I was never introduced to channel my outfit according to the season.  We only have two seasons in the Philippines and Thailand, the rainy and summer season.  So when I was thinking of doing this Spring Full Time post I couldn’t help myself to wonder on how to present something that would cross over to my beloved readers.

The changes from the cold breeze of winter to the blooming colors and floral pieces of spring is where my own transition begins.  Two weeks ago I made a choice to stop teaching, I was offered a great deal by a company that holds some familiar faces.  On top of that part of the perks is living in a building near our work place.  It is such a great experience.

When I started moving in Bangkok I became independent but my spoiled self will forever be instill in me.  I am not a brat but I was used to saying NO and closing my doors if I do not like anything, anyone or any given situation.  Living in a building of three other colleagues, made me step out of my comfort zone.  I have to agree, adjust, prepare myself for any given tasks or situation.  This is me trying to lower my self standard in life  and the people around me.   People who is close to me knows what kind of a friend I am, I do expect more in life or to anyone I get along with.  To be honest, it is hard, it’s like living in a Big Brothers house where every action is recorded, observed and justified with both personal or work related.  It is tough and sometimes it breaks my common grounds into two.  But I am still open to any changes, I always love to challenge my self, one more thing I haven’t surpassed the first month in the new place and I am still doing some adjustments in my two week stay in the new work place, so it is a piece of cake for sure.

Just like Spring this is my transitional stage, this is where all my adjustments begin.  It is like starting my freshman year in college where all bad aura and vibes came in but eventually I will be able to open and take the time to adjust to everyone.

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34 thoughts on “limits and revisions (FTFCommunity Event 5/6)”

  1. this is the cutest post!!! love it :DD

    Thank you so much for your comment &your ssweet words it means a lot to me ..
    your blog is really great!
    *followed u and liked your fb page to check more often your new posts

    so nice too meet you through FTF community!!everyone here is so friendly!!

    kisses ❤


  2. I wish you every luck on your new job! I like the illustrations you chose for this post! they are sweet like you!

  3. Not many people will step out of the box to try new things and I’m glad you did! I love the way you implemented this change in your life into this theme. 🙂

  4. Oh beautiful Sweet, this is such an inspiring post. I entirely understand about adjusting to different things. Without change and bits of stepping out of our norm we would not feel a need to strive for greatness or growth. I love that you have taken this massive step and I know that you will continue to succeed. Happy Friday dear friend! -xxoo
    Ladyofashion of FASHION TALES

  5. Hi sweetheart, I second everything Madison just said. I am realizing that the only contstant in life is that it changes. I am wising everything good, and I believe in you! Also, I love the stripes! Big hugs coming your way xxxx

  6. I’m so proud of you for taking a risk and making a change that will challenge you and create such a big impact on your life! I think I’ve already told you that, but I am proud! Haha. And I love that you compared it to the transitioning of spring. It’s very true, it has that sense of starting from the beginning which can feel scary in a way, I think; like you have to let go of everything you had before so you feel a little empty. But we don’t realize that the important things, the things we’ve learned in life and the things that have truly touched us, stay with us forever. Beautiful post, Sweet, just like you!

  7. Love your clothes! Reading this is so inspiring. I will be moving away soon (for grad school) and it’s so hard to leave family, friends, and the comfort of what you know. ❤ H

  8. your outfit is so cool. i love that striped top on you! you look chic but edgy all at the same time.

    i love the things you wrote and it’s so interesting to hear about “spring” from the perspective of someone who never really experienced that kind of change in seasons. but it’s interesting that even though you aren’t technically experiencing spring, that you are still experiencing a transitional season. maybe there’s more to it than just the weather. =)

    lovely post darling!!

    Kristy Eléna – Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

  9. Congrats on the new job, and best of luck adjusting! It always takes time to get used to something new, but it sounds like you are already on your way.

  10. Congratulations on taking a big leap and stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s during times like this when you realize what you’re made of!

    Great post!

  11. Congrats on the new job!!! Life is all about changes and I love how you were able to draw parallels from Spring’s transitional weather to the transition in your life.

    I’m sure it will be an ongoing adjustment as living situations usually are, but you will grow so much from it. All the best to you!

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