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Full Time Fabulous Community Blogger Highlight

Did  you miss me?  I know you did, as a special post for my backlogs and missed updates I am making this feature really special.  This is going to be another fabulous feature from the Full Time Fabulous Community that the beautiful Kristy Elena formed to show to everyone the power of blogging is beyond the fashionable items and looks of a person but what lies beneath all these aesthetics are great and intelligent bloggers with real and awesome personality with BIG HEARTS.  So are you ready for the next Fabulous feature?

A budding blogger from the city of Sacramento, woopzzz I know you are all nodding in excitement because her love for polka dots and vintage wear adds spirit to her outgoing personality.  Try to think of the best blogger who stands out in  colorful outfits and makes everyone smile,  you only get one perfect answer, BELLA.  Her creative and extraordinary inputs in blogging has opened my lack of expertise in this craft.  She even has this aura which everyone loves.  She is still a living mystery to all, she is out there  but you still want more from her.  So why don’t we get to know more of this fabulous blogger only here in my Full Time Fabulous feature.

I read constantly about social media and blogging tips, and reach out to my community

Name: Bella Q
Blog: The Citizen Rosebud
Blogging since: 2005
Twitter: @citizenrosebudz
Bloglovin’: The Citizen Rosebud
Facebook page: The Citizen Rosebud page

Other social networking sites:
Sweet:  Describe your blog in 20 words.
Bella:  “Independent Fashion. Sacramento Style. The Citizen Rosebud is the personal style blog of Bella Q, +40 blogger, and vintage enthusiast.”

Sweet:  How did your blog started?
Bella:  I was trying to start an artist collective focusing on using recycled materials and came up with the name The Citizen Rosebud to reflect my values. The blog sort of took over, as I re-discovered how much I love writing about my interests: fashion as personal expression, sustainable, urban lifestyle, street style and my hometown Sacramento, California.

Sweet:  What kinds of challenges did you face when you started your blog?
Bella:  Well, the average age fashion blogger is 21. So being an over 40, slightly chubby Hispanic woman seemed to make me feel invisible to many. I had to hunt for my community, and was surprised that I found so many older bloggers who thought they too, were blogging in a vacuum.

Sweet:  What have you done to improve your blogging skills?
Bella:  I commit myself to posting at least 3 times a week. I read constantly about social media and blogging tips, and reach out to my community. In fact, I have been known to create the community I craved.

Sweet:  What kind of topics do you blog about?
Bella:  I blog about the culture of my hometown, street style and personal style. 

Sweet:  How do you keep track of your blogs status and ratings?
Bella:  I used several means- I do keep track of my Alexa and Klout rating, and as for stats, not only do I eyeball the Google stats on Blogger, I have 3 independent ways to track my stats- I use Site Meter, Quantcast and Get Clicky. You can access these great resources on the front page of my blog, just click the icon and sign yourself up.

Sweet:  What social applications or sites do you use to help your blog grow?
Bella:  Well, it’s no surprise now, but Facebook and Twitter are tremendous resources in driving traffic to your blog. I also sign up with various networks, Sac Connect (a local blogging network) is one, as well as posting my outfits on Chictopia. But I’d say the biggest traffic generators are FB and Twitter. 

Sweet:  What are some of the major decisions you have made with your blog?
Bella:  Well, presently I write 4 blogs. One decision I made regarding the Citizen Rosebud was to look into sponsorship and brand partnering. 

Sweet:  What kind of things really get you excited?
Bella:  People who use fashion as a means of self-expression. People like Ann Tindell of Annimal House, Sacramento of Mis Papelicos and Roz of Clothes, Cameras and Coffee keep me excited about  personal style and fashion. 
Sweet:  Do you consider yourself famous?
Bella:  Ha, ha! Not one lick!

Sweet:  What have you done to improve your relationship with your readers?  How do you interact with them?
Bella:  I think I’m lucky to have attracted a very strong and loyal readership, many of them I now consider friends. I am heavily engaged with my readers and the blogging community in general 

Sweet: How do you deal with negative feedbacks in your blog?
Bella:  I have been very lucky. I’ve never received (knock on wood) any negative feedback. I might engage in some lively discussion but that is what makes blogging interesting. I don’t allow Anon comments and that seems to be the seedbed for negative comments. 

Sweet:  How do you manage your blogging time?
Bella:  I’m am struggling with it right now. As I’ve said before, I write for 4 blogs, one of them as a freelance writer, so writing original content, and taking pictures takes up time, but more time consuming is being actively up to date with my expansive blogroll and commenting on them. Ah, and Twitter and Facebook are a bit of a time suck. I’m now working on a time budget. And unfortunately I have to re-prioritize my time to fit a leaner, more efficient use of time. so I no longer have the luxury to read and comment for 8 hours, and believe me I’ve been known to do so on many an occasion! And am now on a limited FB and tweeting diet. 

Sweet:  Tell us how you  keep your blog knowledge current with the on going changes in the blogging industry.
Bella:  I am a big fan of the bloggers blogs: The Blog Tyrant,Problogger, The Link Medic, For Bloggers By Bloggers, and of course the vast and invaluable resources available at IFB
I would like to personally thank Bella, for being so supportive despite of my absences lately in blogging.  And thank you also to the beautiful community of bloggers who showed me so much love all around the world.  Thank you for being part of this community and Bella thank you for taking time in answering these questions.


23 thoughts on “Full Time Fabulous Community Blogger Highlight”

  1. YES! Bella is such a fox. She’s genuine, insightful, hilarious and practically bubbles with artistic spirit. She’s the perfect example of fashion as self-expression, in stead of fashion as trends or…sort of a science, as the industry sometimes makes it feel. Her way is much more fun, much more original and it’s something everyone can embrace. So glad you featured her, Sweet! I loved reading through her answers.

  2. Sweet, what a tremendous honor to be featured here! Thank you so much for asking such great questions and for all your support! I am so proud to be part of my immensely intereresting and engaged blogging community. MUAH! -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  3. So freakin honored to be mentioned as an inspiration by the most inspiring woman ever!! Bella has heart and style for miles, and she spreads her sunshine all over the blogosphere!! I had started a blog in 2009 and quit immediately, and when Bella found out she was my biggest cheerleader to get me blogging again! So I really owe it all to her, I love her so much!!!! Thanks for shining your spotlight on her!

  4. Yay! Another feature on Bella! She is so cool and chic! Great job. I love the #ftfc and I am so happy to be apart of it!

    Lauren Nicole of FRONT ROW SPECTATOR.

  5. Bella is the first blogger that got deep into my soul soul.I haven´t met her, but I know tha she is home. I recognised her at first sight. i am hononoured to be in her thought as well.

  6. I adore Bella, and when I say adore I mean I-can-not-get-enough-of-her-adore her. Bella is amazing, her personality shines in everything she does. I find her so inspiring on so many levels, also personally, and I am so grateful to count her as a dear friend. I am so glad to see Bella featured here! I love your series sweet Sweet!

  7. This lovely Bella is amazing! I’m enjoying getting to know her more through the blogosphere & can’t wait to meet her in-person! original, eclectic & chic style! WOW! Certainly loving the polka dots! -xxoo Wonderful feature Sweet!

  8. This was a wonderful feature. I admire Bella so much from afar and feel like I got to know her a little bit better today by reading this! Thanks!

  9. i loved everything about this post and read it all! Bella is awesome–totally love her blog. going to check out some of those ratings sites that i’ve never heard of before. 🙂

  10. She’s over 40? Sure? She doesn’t look like she’s on the 40’s. I really thought she’s just around later 20’s or early 30’s. Well I don’t think age matters in blogging. I guess what matters is the way you relate to your readers, how you connect with other bloggers without offending their own ego’s as bloggers and how you keep your blogs stand out despite all those hundreds and thousands of bloggers.

  11. I enjoy her tweets and blog. She is so genuine and super sweet!

    p.s. and yes we miss you Sweet! Where have you been hiding girl? Lol. I saw you tweet about a new job. Congrats! How’s the new job going? 🙂


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