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Stylish Queen

Even though I am swamped with a lot of deadlines and technical things to attend to, I would never forget the feature that sets everyones mood every Monday.

You all did a great job with last weeks Stylish Queen, everyone is wearing their cardigans and belt.  Now let us take a look if you can guess what is/are the similar things in these awesome list of Stylish Queens.  Look closely and  you will know what is similar in their outfits.  They rocked each item with their own fashion taste.  Have Fun!!!

Lexy of Quirky Explosion

Trench – Value Village $10, Shirt – Value Village $3, Skirt – Thrifted $1, Tights – H&M $5, Shoes – Value Village $7, Hat – Nepal, AwesomeFurryBagThatLooksLikeMyDog- Gift

Dred of Dred Reveries

Blazer – thrifted  (love the heavy gold buttons!), Floral romper – GCM, Shoes – Parisian , Bag- thrifted , Boater hat – SM, Bangles – bazaar finds , Sunglasses – vintage aviators

Jen of  Herwaisechoice

H&M hat, dress (as top) and clutch, RACHEL Rachel Roy trousers, Aldo shoes,Forever 21 necklace, River Island sunnies

Ray of Fashionwrites

Cherie of Parade of Dresses

unbranded dress, mendrez sandals, eco bag fr JC penney, hat from Sm dept store

Rachel of Studio Swag

Arden B. max dressi, Club Monaco sweater, FCUK beaded necklace, Bebe floppy hat, Zara gladiator sandals

So tell me, What are your guesses???!!!!  TELL ME!!!

Have a wonderful week my beloved readers!!!

I will make this short, I am just so drained and tired today.  Thank you for always holding on and visiting the blog 🙂

12 thoughts on “Stylish Queen”

  1. Love this series! The hats are so cute. And I adore Jen from Her Waise Choice! She’s such a sweetie and has killer style.

    Hope you ever a great week, Sweet. Good luck with all your deadlines! x

  2. They’re all wearing hats…I really find it funny coz of the built of a person that I am, I have such a small size of a head. I rarely find a hat that fits me well plus my forehead easily gets irritated to anything the gets in contact with it for long just like hats. I so like the first photo. She looks like she’s part of the mural painting.

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