Let’s get TECHNICAL!!!

Let’s be technical in this post, I’ve been receiving emails about what gadgets, software and social media widgets am I using to keep track of my online activity.  As much as I wanted to own a Macbook but I am pretty happy and contented with my netbook.  This has been my labor of love, and my “lappy” yes I always name my things.  My lappy has been with me through good times and bad times from Bangkok to Cebu with real love.

I own a netbook from MSI, contrary to some reviews this netbook has withstand all pressure and heavy downloads of music, photos and stuff but it never failed me.  I know some of you doesn’t believe if I say I edit my videos and photos here, I download music and movies plus blog and open a lot of tabs in this netbook.  So today I would like to show you some softwares and items that I usually use in blogging.  Check out how I survived using a mini netbook with all the resources I can always count on.

As a technical representative before in the Philippines I have learned and gained generally knowledge in computers, I am not an expert but I learn easily.  I started loving the art of browsing and solving computer problems in high school.  A manual and specific instructions are enough for me to solve an issue, until I finally passed the Apple Genius training in Cebu.  That makes my general knowledge of windows and mac a little bit higher compared to the rest of the beginners in technical know hows.

For photos I use Photoscape to edit my pictures, using their pages and GIF program,  I get to edit my photos at a faster pace and in batches.  The great thing about this program is that if there is no layering or brushing that needs to be done in your images then Photoscape is the right tool for you.  I totally dislike some bloggers who always rely on photoshop to show their outfit posts and photos.  I would like to quote this from a friend “Only Photoshop can touch his/her skin.”  Get the idea?  I have my flaws and imperfections but I do not like to hide them to my viewers, its just like making a second rate copycat of the glossy magazines we receive every month right?

Another editing program I use is Photoshop CS4, like WOW!!!! How was able to put and save the software without my netbook hanging up or crashing.  Well its the magic of the portable applications.  I installed the Photoshop CS4 in compatible with my netbook, it has the same features as the ordinary one except its not using a lot of space in my system.  I got it from PortableAppZ and most of my programs came from them.  Their applications are safe and helps you minimize the big consumption in your file storage in regards with some programs.  Trust me you will learn to love the site just like I do.  I use photoshop for my header, posters, banners through layering and altering other stuff for my blogs promotional purposes.  Again I do not do brushing and photoshop beautification with my photos. 🙂

Aside from those programs, I use Destroy Twitter for my desktop twitter application.  I just started using this since I have used Tweetdeck, Digsby and Seesmic but sad to say they all of them crashed in my system.  Destroy Twitter has been the most user friendly and not annoying with their updates.  The file size is great as well, it does not take a lot of load in my small system.

To keep me up to date with my todo lists, I have installed a Sticky Note application just like what you usually see in a MAC computer and the Windows Vista and 7.  I love the accessibility of the notes because I can just shut down my computer without worrying about the things that I have listed without saving them.   I would definitely say they are my favorite tools in blogging.

Since my netbook has a small storage to keep all my 10,000 photos and hundreds of videos.  I was very fortunate that my dad gifted me a Western Digital Passport Hard Drive when I was in college.  I used it to saved all my photos and videos in my Mass Communication class, say goodbye to burning a lot of data CD.  The HD has been dropped several times but since 2007 it never crashed on me, I never even had the experience of restoring it.  Thank Goodness for it’s firm and shock protector case.

And lastly, I keep track of my blog and site through my Blackberry phone and Apple iPod touch if I am on the go.  I am a blackberry user and an itouch lover.  My Blackberry has kept tabs of apps like Twitter for BB, UberSocial, WordPress, BBM, Facebook for BB, YahooMessenger, emails and Google Talk.  While my itouch carries most of my premium apps like Instagram, LomoLomo, Pocketbooth, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Formspring, Yahoo, Games, Zinio, Twitter and the Secret Quotes.

Of course I would continue to share my blogging secrets in my upcoming posts.  I have learned so many things in blogging, the importance of the social media platforms, copyright issues, wordpress installation, site maintenance, community integration, marketing, fashion trends and style, my knowledge in photography and videos were both enhanced in so many ways.  With the span of almost two years I have grown to become not just a technical agent who helps solves problems over the phone but I have become a fast learner in knowing the detailed things about the world wide web.

I told you I am not expert but this is the best tools you can use if you want a hassle free blogging life.  

Kisses xoxox.

26 responses to “Let’s get TECHNICAL!!!”

  1. i’m quite clueless when it comes to the whole technical mambo jumbo…
    so thanks for sharing this 🙂

    1. you are welcome love 😀

  2. Brilliant post, Sweet! I love seeing what each blogger recommends. There’s so much that goes into a blog that the readers don’t see.

    I really agree about Photoshopping outfit pictures. It’s the only program I use because, like you, I do so much with the graphics for my site’s design, so I’ll use it to size down my outfit pictures and give them some contrast but I’ll never try to actually change how I look. I’ve seen fashion bloggers do that, trying to airbrush their skin and everything, and it’s an instant turn-off for me. I think those of us who’ve been working in graphics programs like Photoshop for a long time can spot those sorts of pictures pretty fast. Everyone should embrace themselves as they are – it’s part of what makes fashion blogging such an exciting medium. We’re all real and we’re making fashion a reality!

    1. cheers to that Casee dearest…I do not love airbrushing hahahah!!!! we are real as what you have just said…

  3. I am good with using software and the computer stuff but when it comes to fixing it and such I am clueless! haha

    I love my ipad and smartphone when I am on the go or lounging around. I use just a normal windows computer too, nothing too fancy. Though Mac computers are nice, just too expensive. 😦

    1. hahahahha good thing you have an ipad but I am really wishing I can buy myself a Macbook someday 🙂

  4. wow!! techie much! i’m not a techie person but i kinda understand what you’re saying here. and i am amazed at how much you can do with your netbook. i am very afraid to load mine with so much for the fear of crashing. i have my desktop and i am very dependent on it. as a matter of fact, i can’t do my school work in any other computer but my desktop. i feel like all the thinking forces i need are concentrated in that corner.


    1. hahhahah not really a tech but yes I have my basic knowledge on these things…try doing more on your desktop…you can use applications that I have suggested kisses

  5. Your net book should be pretty much…. stable since judging from the screen shoots… you are using the most stable windows operating system around…. Windows Xp. It might sound old and out dated but definitely nothing beats XP. Sadly according to the latest tech info microsoft has dropped support for XP. I think this is one of their plans on getting XP users to upgrade to their new set of OS which Vista and Seven. Netbooks now a days are more powerful than you think…. all you need is the right software and application selection, that by the way doesn’t eat up your RAM, add a few tweeks here and there…. abit of hard drive space management… and presto you have a powerful machine…. good enough for photo and video editing for people on the go. But if you are a heavy gamer on the other hand might go for a laptop which is by the way abit powerful compared to a netbook. MACs are nice but i think they are pretty overpriced.

    1. whahhaha nag nosebleed ko nimo joey hahahaha 😀

  6. I go to my boyfriend for any technical stuff. He’s the computer savvy and genius one!!! I’m clueless when it comes to things like these. But I’m glad you shared with us because it’s pretty interesting!

    Hope you had a nice weekend!


    1. thanks babe 🙂 I haven’t forgotten the WearToGoGirls look i just need to check on my current look hahahaha

  7. you are definitely technologically advanced and well informed. I use some basic tools for tweeting and photo editing (don’t actually use photoshop much). and, of course, i use all the social media apps on my android phone. that’s how i keep connected with the blogosphere!

    1. yey!!!! do you know that we can use one messenger so that we can be connected???

  8. hahaha, who said that man Sweet bah? “Only photoshop can touch my skin…” LOL. ❤

    it's funny how i own a Macbook but always go back to my desktop every time i edit my photos and make a blog..haha!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

    1. hahahahah I can’t stop laughing Gizelle hahahaha..I remembered our comments on Facebook 🙂

  9. I love blackberry, well, I should because I work for them hahaha. (this is not a paid message lol)

    1. same here I love black berry…everything in Blackberry is totally something to LOVE

  10. i can’t wait to have my BB but I know i still have to wait for 48 years..heheheheheh Well, being technically inclined has been in our family ever since. In the family all of us are techy especially two brothers who are both programmers. I am also the type of person who won’t stop until i get the issue in my computer or in someone else’s computer resolved. Challenging issue in computers make me learn more and enhance my technical skills. I also have my seagate external HD which I also bring around when I go somewhere.

  11. i can’t wait to have my BB but I know i still have to wait for 48 years..heheheheheh Well, being technically inclined has been in our family ever since. In the family all of us are techy especially two brothers who are both programmers. I am also the type of person who won’t stop until i get the issue in my computer or in someone else’s computer resolved. Challenging issue in computers make me learn more and enhance my technical skills. I also have my seagate external HD which I also bring around when I go somewhere. I am also not an expert but I sure am not ignorant and stupid when it comes to technical stuff. It’s easy to learn it if you have your heart on it. 🙂

  12. Thank you for sharing this! I never knew about the Photoshop CS4 or Photoscape, THANK YOU!! lol, and the sticky notes are a must .. I’m such a scatter brain blogger. =D


  13. I enjoyed reading about your tech dependables. I use Vista and Windows7 daily. I don’t have PhotoShop but I tried out Elements. I never airbursh my photos – although sometimes I am tempted to make the wrinkles go away!!
    GReat post and very informative!!

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  16. Great post! Thanks!

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