I wish I know all the answer to these questions, I wish I am capable of easing the pain.  I do not wanna mess up everyone’s happiness but let’s get sentimental and bare with me.  For the record, this post is not about me, this is dedicated to all my beautiful friends who are currently broken and in pain.  It has been a long time already since I have felt that emptiness inside, the crushing pain, the bitterness of truth, the unbearable sadness and those sleepless nights.  I am such an emotional freak but I am very happy and lucky to have passed that stage.  I have considered myself lucky to be able to wake up to the same person who broke my heart and came back.  But not all are lucky enough to find the the right love and I wish I could explain everything to ease their pain.

Heartbreaks are considered the COMA phase in every girls life. We are very emotional that we tend to blame ourselves for loosing the person we love, we always go back and pick up the pieces trying to understand what had happened and why he left?   We always want him back despite of everything, we become stupid, lonely, lifeless. But despite of it all I have considered these things to be a normal thing.  After a couple of months we start to move on and pick up ourselves, we start to enjoy the sweetness of life, we then create a new perspective and new dreams.  Then once everything is healed, we are then ready to fall in love again.

It is a cycle, even though how much it stings right now, we will then be able to surpass the pain.  Trust me, WOMEN are emotionally stable than MEN. So right now, try to move on, enjoy life, get busy.  Learn new things, get away, have fun.  Try not to loose yourself.  And lastly this is the best TIME to FIND and LOVE YOURSELF again.

How about you my dear readers?  How do you move on?  Share your tips and ideas…every girl wants to know 🙂

28 thoughts on “broken”

  1. At first while reading I thought this was about you. 😦 Whew!!!

    Awe this is so nice of you to post this for your friends who are having some down time in their lives. What a great friend.


  2. I think we could all show a little more support for our friends when things look bleak. Friends are the ones who stay will you no matter what. I’m sure your friends truly appreciate what you’ve done.

  3. Love the first quote- it is so true!!
    The best advice- is to treat it like that person is no longer in your life. Immediately move on. Go out with the girls, start a new hobby, learn something new – like a new language or sport.

    It’s OK for the first night to mope around and watch sappy romantic movies, cry and cry and eat lots of pizza and ice cream. But after that MOVE ON!

    Worst advice (which I have learned) – Don’t run away. I moved 5 months after my first serious relationship partially thinking that moving away would heal the pain. It doesn’t! It follows you- trust me just like any other problem or situation. Deal with it as soon as you can 😉

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  4. You are amazing Sweet for dedicating this post to your friends. When I felt the pain, it lead to me taking up Pilates and making more time for me… having your best girlfriends around is definitely necessary & not just during heartache. Needless to say I started over & created something far better with a happy person. -xxoo


  5. thanks for the post sweet! 🙂 This is somethings we all have gone through at some point in our lives. To all those in the same boat with me (yeah sucks to be in it!), let’s prove to them our happiness is not dependent on them. (Easy to say I know but sometimes we’re left with no other choice except to move on, move forward.)

    I found this quote somewhere before and it makes me feel good every time I read it. I just thought of sharing:

    “When it comes to this i always put in mind,in order for me to grow up i must let go of my toys,in order for me to learn i must let others teach me,in order for me to meet the right guy i should let go of the wrong one.”

  6. I can certainly relate to this post. I’ve been through this stage too. When I was younger I always give my all out love to the person I love and end up cheated, hurt and messed up sometimes wasted. Crying and isolating myself have been the best companion of my loneliness an despair. I’m just thankful I have friends and a supportive family to pull me up. I always try to find a diversion of my attention and often times, finding a new love makes it easier for me to move on and prove to the other person that there’s always someone far better than him. Right now, I’m so blessed coz I don’t have to go through this anymore. God bestowed me with good and loving husband whom I know won’t ever break my heart like the other guys in my past did.

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