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FTFCommunity Blogger Highlight

I am very happy that Kristy Elena has made wondrous progress in the community of bloggers, I was able to get to know amazing bloggers who does not only blog about fashion and trends but also blog about the Social Media and the impact of bloggers in our society.  These are the bloggers who has an edge in the fashion industry, they speak with credibility and has helped a lot of us who are struggling newbies to understand the world of blogging since nobody created a real handbook or guide for fashion blogging.

My first feature in the Full Time Fabulous Community (#FTFCommunity) bloggers has been a long time friend.  We started to exchange comments through our personal blogs and Twitter.   Her blog’s nameThe Girl who stole the Eiffel Towerwhich sounds like a fun book to read but actually it is the title of Casee Marie’s personal site.

I am a lover of Paris and their chic fashion which Casee and I share in common.  She has a wide array of love for vintage and classical movies and books.  If you are looking for a great writer then she is the right person.  I am very honored that Casee was kind enough to grant me this feature despite her busy schedule.  So what are we waiting for, let us get to know the Girl who stole the Eiffel Tower.

sometimes it’s good to just step back, look at your blog and remember why you started it all in the first place and the true joy you find it.

Name: Casee Marie

Blog: The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower

Blogging since: January 2010, though I didn’t start The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower until May.

Twitter: @caseemarie

Bloglovin’: Casee Marie FOLLOW

Facebook page: The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower

Other social networking sites:

IFB: Casee Marie IFB

Flickr: Casee Marie

Tumblr:  Lovely Fix

Wishpot:  Casee Marie Wishpot

Pinterest:  Casee Marie

Facebook profile:  Casee Marie FB

Sweet: Describe your blog in 20 words.

Casee: The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower fuses fashion, art and culture into a chic, cozy little online getaway…hopefully!

Sweet: How did your blog started?

Casee: I originally began writing on the group fashion blog SHE: Style through Her Eyes, which I now continue to work on with the lovely Jenmarie, but I felt I wanted another, more personal place online to explore blogging about different subjects as well as different aspects of fashion that didn’t fit onto SHE.

Sweet: What kinds of challenges did you face when you started your blog?

Casee: I think finding and committing to my own voice was my biggest struggle. I started out posting mostly visual inspiration because, I think, I wasn’t confident enough to publish my writing publicly. Eventually I branched out into editorial-style content, very text-centric, and it feels much better that way. Beyond that, content was a big challenge in the beginning. I wasn’t sure if I was a fashion blogger or a personal blogger or a lifestyle blogger; eventually I found a way to incorporate everything and still make it all work together.

Sweet: What have you done to improve your blogging skills?

Casee: Oh dear, I don’t think I have any skills! As a writer taking risks and embracing challenges has helped me gain confidence. But I think the best thing I did was get involved in both the FTF community and the overall Style Nation; learning from other bloggers has taught me so much and they all continue to inspire me!

Sweet: What kind of topics do you blog about?

Casee: I think my main interests lie in fashion, beauty, literature and the art of blogging. I’m a member of Katy Rose’s ( Fashion Beauty Friend Friday which lets me branch into all sorts of style and blog-related topics. I also write book reviews upon request from authors, which is a lot of fun. Sometimes I’ll post snapshots from my life, sometimes interesting things I’ve found online and sometimes full-blown articles. I’m a huge fan of fashion photography so that will occasionally find its way onto the blog, too.

Sweet: How do you keep track of your blogs status and ratings?

Casee: I use Clicky, but I don’t pay all that much attention to it. I try to, but it’s all a bit too impersonal for me. I tend to focus more on my comments. People leave me the loveliest comments! I appreciate every unique visitor, every pageview is a zing on my heartstrings, but comments are much more personal. When people go that extra step to leave a comment and connect with me through words, that’s when I feel like I’m doing something right. And of course it’s not about the number of comments; it’s about what they say.

Sweet: What social applications or sites do you use to help your blog grow?

Casee: Twitter, probably. I’m not the world’s best Tweeter, but luckily nobody seems to hold that against me. I also use the different groups on Facebook, that sort of thing, but Twitter has probably been the most effective for me.

WordPress has given me a whole new perspective on blogging and overall it’s just the absolute best platform for me.

Sweet: What are some of the major decisions you have made with your blog?

Casee: I think the biggest decision was moving my blog from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress account. It was a rather big undertaking and of course it’s a paid platform, but I’m so glad I did it. WordPress has given me a whole new perspective on blogging and overall it’s just the absolute best platform for me. Beyond that I can’t think of too many major decisions; I’m still rather new so I’m sure I’ll have some along the way!

Sweet: What kind of things really get you excited?

Casee: Tom Ford, classic Hollywood, books, shoes, chocolate, coffee and Paris!

Sweet: Do you consider yourself famous?

Casee: Not at all, and I don’t really care to be. I’d like to be successful, but I think success is measured in the achievement of personal goals while fame is measured in goals set by someone else.

Sweet: What have you done to improve your relationship with your readers?  How do you interact with them?

Casee: One of my favorite things about WordPress is that you can reply to each comment directly and a special plugin will send e-mail notifications to readers to let them know you’ve responded. I feel like that’s helped me achieve a more personal, intimate feel on my blog. I like to hope that anyone who visits will want to settle in with some tea or coffee and have a happy little conversation. Beyond that, I do my best to visit everyone’s blogs and there’s also Twitter for interacting.

Sweet: Have you ever had difficutly getting others to accept your ideas and posts?

Casee: I don’t think so, but my ideas aren’t revolutionary. I have my interests and I think people just connect with those. I’m sure there are a lot of people who don’t share my interests and that’s okay. No blog is perfect for everyone!

Sweet: How do you deal with negative feedbacks in your blog?

Casee: I really haven’t gotten any so far. I’ve been quite fortunate that I’ve found a wonderful and supportive community and readership. I’ve lost followers, of course, in the process of finding my voice, but no one explained why they were leaving.

Sweet: How do you manage your blogging time?

Casee: I’m still working on that! There’s a wonderful editorial calendar plugin on WordPress and I also draw up editorial calendars in a notebook. I’ll be a bit spontaneous, but having an editorial calendar helps me sort out my ideas and find the best time to fit them all in. I also make lists on to keep track of my ideas for future posts.

Sweet: How about managing the time you visit blogs?

Casee: That’s part of the reason why I don’t post every day; I try to make sure I’m balancing out the attention I give my blog with the attention I give to other blogs and bloggers. I use Bloglovin’ so I’ll usually try to go through updates when I’ve finished all the necessary things on my own blog, but the days I don’t post are the days I try to get more blog reading done.

Sweet: Tell us how you keep your blog knowledge current with the on going changes in the blogging industry.

Casee: I tend to focus on my content first, as I think that’s what really “makes” it. It’s certainly the most important part to me! Keeping up with the industry is definitely important – Independent Fashion Bloggers has been an amazing help for that, they always seem to know just what’s going on, as well as other bloggers in the community – but I find that there is such a thing as paying a little too much attention to all of that. I can get a little sucked into the idea of monetization, working with brands and partnering with businesses; sometimes it’s good to just step back, look at your blog and remember why you started it all in the first place and the true joy you find it.

I think success is measured in the achievement of personal goals while fame is measured in goals set by someone else.



21 thoughts on “FTFCommunity Blogger Highlight”

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! it’s almost 4 am here and i just got home and saw this on twitter and had to come check it out. i’m so tired right now and can’t read it, but i’m bookmarking the page so i remember to come back tomorrow. what an amazing idea darling, and i love that you chose to feature casee! she’s amazing!

    i can’t wait to read this. hugs and goodnight!!

  2. Fabulous feature! What a great series for you to start up- as there is SOOOO many great bloggers in our FTF community. Casee is such a perfect first start. I am just getting to know her and her blog, and yes, because of twitter! She is beautiful warm and wonderful- a great blogger and wonderful choice for your first FTF feature.

  3. Aww, I’m so glad you chose Casee! I love the way you pieced this together!

    Casee is an incredible friend and blogger and I believe there is something for everyone to learn from her as she is truly talented. I’ve been amazed at how much she has grown as a person and as a blogger and I know she will continue to be very successful!

  4. Hi sweetheart, I am so glad you are doing this feature. Just brilliant! I love Casee Marie, and am so happy to see her featured. She is amazing, all though I don`t know that she is aware of just how wonderful and talented she is. I am exited to get to know our community better here chez toi. Happy weekend, dear!

    x Anika

  5. Aww, thank you so much for taking on this feature series and for including me in it and for your incredibly kind words which are making me blush like crazy! You’re amazing, Sweet. There’s absolutely no limit to your support of other bloggers, something that makes the FTFCommunity what it is. You’re always there to selflessly devote your time and your words to encouraging all of us to be the best, most fabulous bloggers we can be. Thank you for everything you do and for being such a wonderful friend! (And I hope I don’t look terribly bitchy in that last picture, by the way. I wasn’t quite ready for the camera! Haha.)

    1. no you don’t look bitchy love 😀 the scenery says it all…of course I am in real support with all those great bloggers….you deserve this feature casee dear 😀

  6. I appreciate this FTFCommunity more & more each time I read a fellow blogger’s post.. This is such a lovely feature Sweet! Casee’s blog is always a good read, showing her passion deeply for whatever she’s focused on through her content.
    So happy that you were able to switch to WP, I’m leaning heavily toward the final decision of switching soon. It looks great! -xxoo

  7. Her blog name really sounds so interesting bitch. It’s really with a spank! Fierce I should say. She has stunning fashion statement too.

  8. Oh this is a GREAT idea!! I really enjoyed reading all the FTF blogs and so many of those blogs were new to me!!

    I am getting to know Cassee and her blog and her TWEETS and I have to say I think she is super sweet and smart. She is a wonderful way to start your feature!

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