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of crocodiles and elephants

I have shared with you a little part of Thailand, their festivities and all but I’ve been dying to post this one.  Remember the 10 year anniversary trip? King and I went out on our trip to visit the wonderful places in Thailand, specifically their floating market, the crocodile farm and their Elephant zoo.  I’ve been in Thailand for two years now but trust me, I have never gone to the best places in town.  So little by little I am exploring the wonderful destinations a tourist will love to see and experience.  This may be an extended part of the blog event but this has been a super late post.  Enjoy the photos and warning, ANIMAL photos overload…. sorry for the scary crocodiles 😀

This winding roads of Bangkok.  Took this during our Baiyoke Sky Tower trip.

a glimpse of the floating market.

the scary Crocodile Farm and the Crocodile show…yes it is a true Crocodile….my heart was skipping and I was afraid for his HEAD 😦

Who would ever thought that Elephants can pose like this??? they are so adorable….look at them…

and this one impressed us with his dancing skills…WOW!!!

all of them deserves a little treat after the show.  I gave them bamboo shoots…which they really loved…

I am just too scared to pose with the TIGERS…I do not have the guts 😀

10 years of being together 😀 oh well…we are not just a couple but we are bestfriends 😀

one of the best outfit for a tour like this….the scourging heat of the sun was unbearable…

top: borrowed from the hubby’s closet 😀

shorts: DIY made by moi

shoes: monobo flats

bag: Nena leather

necklace: chinatown finds

rings: Elle Veztida and F21

fedora hat: Bangkok finds

20 thoughts on “of crocodiles and elephants”

  1. Oooh yay! Looks like you had tons of fun my dear!! I love animals, so no worries. The pictures are great y the way, and you look fantastic!!!


  2. The picture of Bangkok is insane! I would be lost in 2 seconds-haha! That picture with the guy and the crocodile is quite stupid, lol. The elephants look amazing with all the accessories they are wearing!

    Gorgeous pics! It looks like you two had lots of fun! 🙂

  3. Looked so fun bitch. I hate it…I know my comments are really so late. I haven’t been able to visit your blog while the hubby was here. Got really so busy. I really wish I can go there and see all these for myself…

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