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Stylista of the Week

While I am preparing for the Bangkok Fashion Week this weekend let me share with  you the winners of Y101’s Stylista of the Week.  It has been a tough process in choosing the best but Congratulations to these two stylista’s grabbing loads of fun treats and goodies from Y101.

Dale’s Color Combo

This Cebuano street-style maven shows that spring this year is all about generous pops of color. Seen here with a spot-on combination of high-waisted purple-tapered trousers, digital-print top, muted-camel blazer, and the right color pop with a bright-pink slim sash, Dale works this outfit through the right color balance and shape proportions. Read more…

And are we just feeling the heat of summer with Chinnie Montero’s Style

Sticking to simple separates, Chennie plays up her outfit with generous helpings of color, definitely on the radar for the upcoming spring season. She also completes the look with a tan flop hat, favored by style followers all over as the accessory du jour for the summer. Her long and effortless beach hair just adds the right oomph to the outfit. Gorgeous!  Read more…

Will you be the next Y101’s Stylista of the Week?  Send in your photos at Don’t forget to include particulars such as your name, what you do, details on your outfit, and a short description of it.

4 thoughts on “Stylista of the Week”

  1. Congratulations to all who joined Y101’s Stylista contest. You all look great with your own fashion statements. Keep inspiring others with your fashion ability and style.

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