stripes/polkadots = bacardi unheard

top: Forever21

cardigan: Bangkok finds

skirt: Bangkok finds

bag: Roberto Cavalli

shoes: wedge from Jeffrey Campbell

bangles: Elle Veztida

necklace: headpiece turned into a necklace (chinatown), Forever21

rings: Elle Veztida

Yesterday King and I were suppose to have dinner at a fun pub in the middle of Bangkok but we changed our minds at the very last minute.  We stayed at Siam Paragon and roamed around luckily,  there was a Bacardi event, I thought of getting in via the PRESS PASS but when I inquired it was FREE for all.  So I asked King to register our names and we waited at 6 in the evening for the event to start, when we got in I never thought there was a FREE bar for an hour, so we enjoyed the moment while listening to some bands playing on the stage.

Siam has been the central FASHION place in Bangkok where you will see loads of college students in their best outfits.  If you need an instant fashion inspiration all you need to do is look at how Thai girls incorporate the word FASHION in their personality and wardrobe. I was able to meet a group of girls who shined that night, they may have the simplest dresses and style but their perfect hair, cute giggles and friendly personality outshine the rest of us.  They were a bunch of college friends it was even a great thing because one of them speaks English fluently which made it easier for me to ask them if I can take a photo of them and their styles.  They were open about the idea and game enough to pose for the camera.  I felt a little bit out of place considering how great their locks are, see for yourself and check out my messy hair hahahah!!!

MO- she speaks English fluently and has the most gorgeous charisma of all and I fell in love with her straight long hair

Nam- is the photographer of the group judging from the camera she is bringing, but despite of the bulky material she is flawless and pretty with her curly locks.

Zoo – she may seem to be the most simplest girl in the group but I am loving her fierce taste in that animal print and her skirt too.

I forgot to ask her name but she looks like a local artist in the Philippines, spell HAYDEN KHO… 😀

and this is my most behaved looked, I can feel my face stretching already and numb….

We spent the night listening to the rock band and went home when I felt numb already, I felt my face was stretching and I think I might be passing out anytime.  So King took me to the nearest noodle shop, ordered some hot beef Thai soup, relaxed and sat down for awhile until I was able to surpass the dizzy feeling.  It’s been a long time since I had my last alcohol consumption and with 14 glasses of Bacardi mix that is way enough for me to get tipsy as early as 7 in the evening hahahhaa…. THAT WAS a GREAT SATURDAY!!!!

and yes, I spent the entire evening, drinking and tweeting plus checking on my social accounts.  That’s how thankful I am with my Blackberry.

25 Comments Add yours

  1. Kristin says:

    Looks like a super fun event…and your shoes are definitely fun!

    1. Sweet says:

      thanks babe 😀

  2. damnvixen says:

    hmm i wonder what bacardi tastes like? wow the jc shoes looks even more gorgeous when worn.. btw made post about you and shoes! hahaha fun fun..

    pretty girls! did u ask them about their perfect hair?

    the polka skirt is <3!

    1. Sweet says:

      it tastes good…super strong lang jud sya hahahahah!!!!

  3. Hazel says:

    di ko gets.. di naman kamukha ni hayden kho ha??? hahaha sorry slooooow ;))

    1. Sweet says:

      hahahaha si katrina careless whispher baby!!!

  4. Heidi Foner says:

    Everyone looks cute at the fashion event! Looks like you all had tons of fun! 🙂

    1. Sweet says:

      yes totally beautiful thanks babe

  5. your skirt is sooo cute. i always love polka dots. and nothing beats free liquor!

    1. Sweet says:

      thanks love..yes but bad idea for a twitter addict like me hahahaa

  6. Sharon says:

    Drinking and Twitter can lead to drunk tweeting. HAHA.
    I love the shoes and the purse. You looked just as lovely as the other girls.
    I had to laugh at you getting ready to pull out the press pass. Very funny.

    1. Sweet says:

      definitely right hahahaha

  7. bhie22_angel says:

    ganda ng shoes mo….. galing ng night out nyo….. gusto sana naming sumunod, pero binantayan namin yung pamangkin ko…. next time nalang.

    1. Sweet says:

      salamat sayang at na miss mo

  8. bhie22_angel says:

    at yung press pass,,, ok na idea yun ah….

  9. cruel vitch says:

    That really does look fun. I can’t remember the last time I ever drank hard alcoholic beverage. I usually just have beer when we have tagay sessions coz that’s what most of us drink. I miss my ultimate fave…mojitos! I have so many memories of mojitos. Different occasions and different places but all are memorable.

    1. Sweet says:

      hehehehe!!!! yes painkiller too

  10. fuyume says:

    hehe Jeffrey Cambells again. You must be their biggest fan 🙂

    1. Sweet says:

      yes ahhaah but I think I am not the biggest fan really I know some…who are great fans of them

  11. fhen says:

    the music event looks fun!
    and you look adorable in the outfit. rally love your shoes 🙂

    little miss fhenny

    1. Sweet says:

      thanks love hahahah….I had fun wearing my shoes too

  12. MelRod says:

    Oooh sounds like my type of fun!! 🙂 I love your shoes!!! You look so fab!!! your friends look amazing too!!


    1. Sweet says:

      yes clean fun with great people

  13. good job mixing the stripes and the polka dots. i actually went to the bacardi distillery in puerto rico once. tons of fun and free rum!

    1. Sweet says:

      thanks dear…I was pretty afraid of that but whew thank goodness

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