ola tacos and salsa…

I’ve told you last week that the roadhouse restaurant gave me a lot of bad things but everything changed when we visited one of the best Mexican restaurant in Thailand. Tacos and Salsa gave us the best Mexican treat.  Thank God to TikTokThai for giving us the best deals in Bangkok, guess what we only bought the voucher for 390 baht but it was a thousand worth of food and beverages to be consumed inside Tacos and Salsa.  We did not ordered the famous margarita because I was craving for spicy foods for the past few days.  We got the best chimichangas, buritos and tacos and because of Shuggah showing me her favorite dessert I had to order their famous flan and boy it didn’t disappoint me. Enjoy the FOOD porn.

We spent the entire afternoon chatting, it was a real Mexican date for us.  We had fun making jokes while King caught me off guard laughing my ass out.  We went home with a full stomach and totally satisfied with our 390 baht spent.  And yes we are to be going back for their Mexican happy hour with their drink all you can Margarita and eat all you can tacos.

How’s your Saturday guys???  Let us still pray for the safety of our fellow brothers and sisters in Japan.

top: peacock top/dress Mags

pants: Promod

heels: Bangkok finds

bag: Roberto Cavalli

hat: Bangkok finds

bangles: Elle Veztida

charm bracelets: Nacrea Paris

rings: Elle Veztida



  1. missy s · March 12, 2011

    awwwwwww yummmmmmy date!! :] 390bhat well spent and super super sulit!! ❤ im jealous! the dessert looks so yummy! ❤ ❤

    ps: loving your top!!!

    • Sweet · March 12, 2011

      hhahaha thanks babe 😀 yes I want to be colorful like a peacock ahhahaha

  2. cruel vitch · March 12, 2011

    Food! Food! and Food! my all time favorite past time. heheheeh Oh bitch! I so love your footwear. Can I have them?heheheehe I really, really like it unfortunately I’m not allowed to wear high heels right now and the footwears that the hobby are buying me are flats. This was actually as per my O.B. Gyne’s instruction. She told us that if I want to get a successful pregnancy then avoid wearing heels. I so envy your footwear! You triggered my insecurities again!hehehehe

    • Sweet · March 12, 2011

      noh??? hmmpp I should stop wearing heels or maybe…get some advice from the doctor na hahahaha

  3. damnvixen · March 12, 2011

    i wont mind the food! che!

    but im crazy bout the pants!

    • Sweet · March 12, 2011

      ahahaha its too big na for me

  4. Simonette · March 12, 2011

    I also love your heels! and it’s from bangkok? pwd papalit? heehee 🙂

    • Sweet · March 12, 2011

      hahahaha if you win you get your JC naman later na lang if makauli kow

  5. Kristin · March 12, 2011

    I’m loving that darling fedora on you! And now I’m hungry…haha

    • Sweet · March 12, 2011

      sorry gorgeous 😀

  6. Bere · March 12, 2011

    If you’re ever in San Miguel de Allende, México I will be delighted to take you to our best taco place in town :)))
    This restaurant you went to looks very nice and the food is indeed Mexican – unlike some other examples I’ve seen. I love that you like Mexican food so much :))
    Have a nice weekend, I love your blog!

    • Sweet · March 13, 2011

      aww really I would love that…and YES I like mexican food…

  7. Belladonna · March 12, 2011

    Everything looks yummy! Suya ko. P

    • Sweet · March 13, 2011

      yes hehehehe super yummy jud

  8. Heidi Foner · March 13, 2011

    Cute outfit! I am loving those shoes! 🙂

  9. Hazel · March 13, 2011

    Sweeeeet! I’m craving for tacos tuloy and mexican food!!! :)) and is that icecream on top of the leche flan? yummm!!!

    btw, i moved blog ;D please re-link! thanks so much ❤

    • Sweet · March 13, 2011

      hehehehe its whip cream love

  10. Ashley [Free Honey] · March 13, 2011

    Sweet, lets talk about your shoes They are so hottttt! Love! I also think the changes you;ve made to the site really look good, atta girl!!

    xoxox, Ashley

    • Sweet · March 13, 2011

      thanks Ashley dear…whew good thing you like it…

  11. paoloberdin · March 13, 2011

    it’s my turn to say this na sweet: i am getting really hungry because of these food photos! i love mexican food! i must get some within the week! haha. the tree ring is amazing, btw =)

    • Sweet · March 13, 2011

      hehehehe!!!!! I still owe you the beak ring hahahaha… 😀

  12. KC · March 13, 2011

    Hola! muy delicioso!! hehe!! and i really like the outfit.


    • Sweet · March 13, 2011

      thanks babe…. mwuah kisses goodluck on your job hunt

  13. Allison Joy · March 13, 2011

    Love your pants and this food porn has definitely got me aroused! That salsa looks divine 🙂 yumyum thx!!!
    @MANICinTheCity on Twitter

    • Sweet · March 13, 2011

      yes its really amazing

  14. Audrey Allure · March 13, 2011

    Cute top and mmm my stomach is grumbling just looking at the food pics!

    • Sweet · March 13, 2011

      hahahah sorry my dear…your thursday salsa dip made me hungry too

  15. leia · March 13, 2011

    YUM, I just had dinner and you’re making me hungry again!

    • Sweet · March 13, 2011

      aww Leia the recipe was awesome

  16. Oh to Be a Muse · March 13, 2011

    oh Sam you are too awesome! those promod pants and the black heels are just too gorgeous. and that tree ring is super cute too.

    • Sweet · March 13, 2011

      hehehehe!!!! thanks love hehehehe I was just experimenting with trousers again good thing I got it right hahahah

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