I remember a post by Gizelle about how blogging has help her overcome her insecurities in life.  As for me I have a number of things to be in-secured about.  Growing up being tease with “big eyes” is never easy, the whole reason for that was my poor body frame, I was so skinny when I was young thus when people see my sparkling eyes my school mates would tease me “dakog mata” (this means big eyes) not until I bloomed into a lady.  Curves came in and people does not seem to notice the eyes anymore.  Also, I have never been so insecured in my entire life when I got rashes in college, it was an allergic reaction due to some unknown reason, no doctor was able to heal them, so my mom and I went to a quack doctor and miraculously the rashes were gone in a few days.  I had to suffer wearing longsleeves during summer and my mom would tie my hands so that I won’t scratch them at night.  The quack doctor said, that it was due to an anonymous voodoo curse because of my white and flawless skin.  I had to participate in a week of burning ashes and not taking a bath, just imagine my suffering but at the end all is well now.  My mom has given me some charm bracelets to protect myself from voodoo curses, she did not realize that in a modern city like Cebu, there are still a lot of extra superstitious mishaps happening.

the keloid scars on my back and shoulder 😀

But then those insecurities went away because of one skin problem that I have.  As you see my mom never knew that I was a keloid former.  When I had my first vaccination, the doctor mistakenly injected it on my shoulders, it was a general rule to have it on a kids bottom in case any complication that might react from it.  I thought the scar would go away not until it grew bigger and bigger.  One bad thing was I always prick the small pimples at my back when I was still in high school and yes, scratching is my number one bad habit.  Because of that it happened to create little wounds and scars at my back as a result it formed another keloid scar.  So when we went to a dermatologist to have it removed, he said that it was impossible since it will form another keloid scar.  The best option is to have it removed via laser or have it injected by steroids and remove it.

So many expensive options but then I gave up.  There are so many reason why, I have embraced to love my keloid scars, I do not mind if kids will touch it and ask what is it.  I am more than happy that it’s located at my back and shoulder because I know some, who has them on their faces and breasts.  So I considered myself lucky,  there are so many options to hide my keloids but I do not mind wearing revealing clothes because for me it is just a matter of SELF confidence.  I am just glad that these scars are not deadly, maybe soon if I have saved the enough amount of money for surgery or maybe if I win the lotto.

Right now, I am happy with what I have,  I believe no one is perfect but if there are some who happen to be gifted to have the best physical features in their self  trust me there will always be something that would count as a flaw, because I believe that my flaws and imperfections makes me so real and true.

How about you?  Have you embraced your insecurities?  Have an awesome Thursday everyone!!!

dress: maxi dress from Cebu

necklace: 3layered pink necklage gifted from vannie

shell beads gifted from my aunt

pink beads from Cebu

rings: Elle Veztida and Bangkok

hat: Carbon market

43 responses to “Insecurities???”

  1. i don’t often wear shorts/skirts because of the birthmark that i have. that’s my insecurity 😦 i usually don’t mind, especially when wearing bathing suits- but when people start to notice, they just don’t understand that it’s a birthmark. worse, they stare! some people see it as discoloration of some sort, while others would even say “buling”.. [bulingon lugar ko? :)] it’s hard for me to wear shorts, much more, a bikini 😥 but i still have a looong way.. while i have somehow gotten used to this, i’m waiting for that time for other people to get used to the sight of it too 😀 haha!

    BTW: having big eyes is an asset 🙂 i have big ones too.. at home we joke about it and say “dakmats” hahaha

    PS: I love your straw hat.. and when I checked that it’s a Carbon find, weee, nalipay ang oks, muadto niya ko. haha :))

    1. hahahah same here…dagmatzz kaha akong angga hehehehe…but now I am just loving it…

      1. dakmats mong duha hehehe! my insecurities differ depending on my mood. sometimes my short neck, somedays my weight, sometimes my overbite.. but recently im insecure about my mental growth, i fear its not enough for a battle i need to win! gosh!

      2. heehehehhe gawd shabzz….you are so negative….try to release those negativity in you…this summer go out!!! have fun…go bungee jumping release it… 😀

  2. I think it’s incredible that you were able to overcome your insecurities! I still have many, but I am trying to overcome them one by one.

    1. yey!!! salute to us Leia dearest

  3. i got a lot of insecurities.. yeah i get rashes too… scars from my chickenpox since i got it at 20! and a lot more.. but if we let our insecurity pull us down.. we’ll never learn how to prove our worth! cheers!

    1. yes I agree with you phoebzz…so many things that we need to do with our own insecurities and we can only fight it…

  4. As two of my professors at school say, it’s really about attitude. 🙂
    And perfect is boring anyway. It’s our little imperfections that make us unique and stand out. 🙂

    1. thanks love…..we are all perfect in God’s eyes!!!

  5. You’re beautiful and it’s lovely that you have that self confidence now!

    1. hahaha thanks kristine kisses

  6. You my dear are so brave and awesome for sharing this personal side of you. Not a lot of people feel comfortable to do that. I’m so proud of you for doing this. This is amazing and I’m glad you did.

    I remember when I was little I was always teased and bullied for the way I looked. I was name-called and teased for being so thin, and for being so small. And for awhile I was so insecure and felt embarrassed to go out or do practically anything. But after awhile, I visited blogs, magazines and topics such as this one, and totally gave me a boost of confidence.

    Thank you again for sharing this with us.


    1. YEY!!!! I am also glad I met so many wonderful girls out there….

  7. Great post my dear 🙂
    Don’t let me even start on my insecurities, I still have plenty of damn things that bother me. But I realized that you just have to let go, some things could never be different and you just have to enjoy your body and your mind. And don’t think too much – that always get’s me into trouble 🙂
    But your scars aren’t something terrible, not even a tiny bit. Believe me. You are so beautiful!


    1. awww thank you…this made me smile…

  8. wow darling, this post is amazing. i hope that girls who feel insecure come here and get to read this. i really feel it would help them. you are a beautiful and amazing person, both inside and out. i love that you’ve embraced your scars. i love that you’ve overcome your insecurities.

    i used to be insecure about my eyebrows because when i was young the other kids would always make fun of them (much like the way they made fun of your eyes!) they would call me “eyebrows” and tease me constantly. but i have grown up now and this thing that was once an insecurity is one of the things i love most. i know my eyebrows are different and that is one of the things that makes me unique. being different is never anything to be ashamed of. =)

    thank you for this beautiful post. you’re an inspiration darling.

    Kristy Eléna – Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

    1. awww your eyebrows are awesome…maybe because when we were still kids we don’t know the concept of beauty and the real deal hahahahah hooray for our flaws and imperfections

    2. waah? your eyebrows are fierce kristy! mine is almost none existent!

      1. she is indeed right kristy 😀

  9. I think the scars make you look unique. You should be proud of yourself for getting over your insecurities at such a young age. That is to be commended! I still wake up sometimes and see my “heavy self” in the mirror and then realize that isn’t me anymore. I know that blogging has improved my writing tremendously and opened up my inner creativity!

    Cute hat and dress by the way! 🙂

    1. we should embrace them….slowly heidi we can actually survive our own flaws

  10. such a brave and heartfelt post. I used to be insecure about my breasts because they were a bigger than average, i dropped down several sizes after breastfeeding. it affected my posture a lot. Now I just dont care anymore and I’m quite happy to have them 🙂

    join my StiLa giveaway!

    1. thank you darling :d

  11. You are so beautiful and brave! Love this post. You shine like the sun 🙂

    1. aww thanks darling…I am so touched!!!

  12. discovered you from kristy’s tweet. Inspiring post. we all have our insecurities… we just have to face them head on.

    1. yes I absolutely agree thanks babe

  13. ive got keloid scars on my tummy (2 actually..) which are rather bothering for me..
    i love ur hat here !

    1. wow I never thought about that too…really??? you are also keloid former…thanks Michelle the hat only costs roughly 15 pesos 😀

  14. Wow I was really touched by your story! I think you are great and you are a rolemodel for a lot of girls. I’m so happy you are now happy with who you are and I think you should be, cause you are really beautiful!

    1. aww thanks hanna this made my day 😀

  15. You are so beautiful I am glad you over came that! When I was young I use to get teasted for being skinny and being weird looking. I must admit that I was, but I have grown to love the skin I am in!

    1. aw that is amazing dear I just voted for the dress

  16. I do have a lot of insecurities too bitch. For one is the form of my feet. I’m super flat-footed and before I really get embarrassed wearing those thin-strapped sandals, the sexy slippers and the likes. I was so choosy about my footwear not until I grew up and just didn’t mind the form of my feet. I wear any type of footwear I want. Anyway, it’s not the form of the foot that matters, it’s how I bring myself out. And what I really put to mind is, so what if my feet are like this, I’m still pretty and what am I going to do with beautiful feet if attitude is deformed.

    1. hehehehe!!! we always overcome that bitch

  17. you are beautiful! and i’m so glad you made this post. every time i take photos for outfit posts i get a bit self conscious about my features, but it is what it is. i love the way i look (which wasn’t always true) so i am so happy to hear that you love the way you look as well Sweet!

    adore you!

    voodoo curse…how silly.

    1. hahahah thanks precious….yes voodoo hahahaha

  18. everyone has insecurities. it’s just a matter of finding your own beauty.

  19. every woman is beautiful and you are even more because you know your own self. flaws make us the person that we are…

    when i was younger, i was teased a lot for “developing early”, referring to my buxomness. i used to hate it until i grew up and found that most women desire a bigger chest. and i am a keloid former too, i have a long one on the side of my wrist and most people think i slashed them! 🙂

    1. thank you gorgeous kisses

  20. hi. we are in the same boat. I also have a keloid in my left shoulder from a vaccine. I super hated my teacher (now i’m not sure if i still do) during my 1st grade because of her I get to have this monster in my arm. Until now I don’t have yet the guts to wear sleeveless which shows my keloid. I think the size of mine is somehow same as yours… I’m still hopeful though for remedies to this… I have other scars but have not formed into keloid.. it’s good to know that a lot has embraced these kind of things in their bodies and dealt with it as if it’s not there . I know I’m still lucky but I can’t help it….. I am not really that confident… But you know, you inspire me. such a positive soul.. ^^

    PS. you’re eyes are gorgeous.

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