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DIY, giveaway and wants

Happy Tuesday everyone, I am finally done with my students grades but I still have my personal portfolio to finish.  I hope I can finish everything by tomorrow and submit it so that I can just stay in bed and sleep the whole day for the last remaining days before I salute and say hello to my vacation.  Currently I am in a job hunt, hahahahha as you all know I have already informed the university that I will not be renewing my contract hence the reason to go on a formal vacation this coming summer.  But it made me think that I cannot be a bum for two months so I am definitely need a new job.  Anyone who wants to hire me??? hahahaha!!! I am flexible, fun and workaholic which is the bad side of me.

Anyways, I have posted my outfit last Saturday which involves a quick DIY on my short.  Originally I bought the short for only 99baht but when I came home and tried it on, I then realized that it was actually a pants turned into a short, the bad thing was they did not fold it properly and made the necessary changes on the shorts.  So I was in a rush when I decided to  get myself a pair of scissors and blade.  I cut the folded part of the short and used the blade to make a distress design over it.  I did not cut it perfectly which made a bad ass excuse because I was aiming for the rebel chic look.  Good to know that even though it took me 15 minutes to do this DIY, it came out looking pretty good.  I will be putting more studs on it after my visit to the laundry.

And on another news, The Queens lifestyle forum has already made two giveaways for all active and registered members of the site.  Guess who won both giveaways? No other than,  Monette, she won the Forever21 oval ring and the Marc Jacobs silly band.  And since this has been a daily/weekly giveaway, here is our next present for all #thequeens member.

I am giving away two skirts that I got last year but I haven’t worn, you know the bad thing about impulsive buying.  I was planning to sell it on my site but I was too lazy to update my ebay account so the best way to share my blessing is to give this away.  I have a Nafnaf striped skirt which reminds me of the Clueless days and a Petit Mode skirt which I will be doing a slight DIY as I was inspired while looking at a skirt from Abercrombie and Fitch.

NEW ways of Voting:  You can choose one or both skirts and put your name on the blank box below.  Whoever gets the number of votes per name on each skirts wins it.  Please use your #thequeens username.

NAFNAF striped skirt – congratulations to Belladonna

The Nafnaf skirt is valid only for a day which starts now!  It is a size 36, a perfect fit for your work and for a girls night out if you can pair it with a gorgeous heels and an amazing top.  Think of the Devil wears Prada.  Again this is valid to all #thequeens active members just click on your names to vote.  NO RULES just vote valid for 24 hours.

the Petit Mode skirt and the DIY inspiration from Abercrombie and Fitch

And the Petit Mode skirt will start after the NafNaf skirt giveaway and will be valid for 5 days since I still have to complete the DIY on it.  The size is small which fits all small and petite figures, plus it is very short which makes it a sexy alternative for a night out and great for summer.  Same rules applies for all The Queens members.

These giveaways, will be shipped to you via regular shipping to your destination, expect 2-4 weeks to arrive.  All you just need to do is wait for the products to come, you do not have to purchase anything and no need to pay for the shipping rates because everyone deserves to be treated as a Queen.

And if you want anything or desire about some products, why don’t you share it with me.  I have already shared my wishlist in Wantlet which I am inviting all of you to share your wants with me.  We might find the greatest deal over the net or maybe I can feature your wants here on my site.  So what are you waiting for?  Join Wantlet now.  Check out my profile.

34 thoughts on “DIY, giveaway and wants”

  1. OOhh what a fabulous idea. AND love love love the new layout of your blog!!! It looks so chic!!

    p.s. everyone vote for me. Lol!!


  2. You’re such a busy girl! Good luck with the job hunting, love, I hope something works out for you. And your new layout + header is gorgeous! I so want to update my layout again but I think to get the look I want I have to make a whole new theme myself and it’s a little intimidating of a process. Sigh.

  3. Love this new lay out! Actually I want to change my header!! I also love your DIY shorts! and good luck for your research of a new job my dear! 🙂

  4. Sending good luck & wishes on the job hunt! I love the DIY attitude & style!
    Not certain if i’ll be in your area but have fun on your holiday. I may be in Copenhagen this Summer…let me know if you’re in Europe. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the Nafnaf skirt 🙂 Can’t wait to wear it in school on those must-wear-corporate-attire days! I rarely dress up but I will surely wear it with an *ooomph* XD

      1. Kindly please send it together with Monette’s items as we see each other regularly at school. I hope that’s convenient for you. 🙂

  6. I was so surprised. :)) Thank you so much for this.
    This made me really happy.

    Good luck with the job hunt, deary! You’re really good at what you do. Someone will hire you soonest. 😉

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