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Sunday wrap-up

It was such an awesome weekend, spent the Saturday having fun with King’s colleagues and started with our American Idol season 10 marathon.  Thanks to my fixed internet connection I can finally download unlimited series and movies for good.  There is also one thing I have to be happy about and that is the end of the second semester.  So nothing feels like staying at home and bumming around hahahahha!!! I do have loads of things to do during this break, I am moving to another job soon and I hope I can find the perfect place to start again.  I guess all the traveling made me all stressed out hence the reason for my daily heart burns and palpitation aside from the ultimate culprit my favorite drink COFFEE.

I am also happy to end this weekend with an amazing feature from  Remember the Stylista of the Week post?  Yes, my online shop Elle Veztida has partnered with them and thank you to the beautiful Eden for the feature.  Please check out the feature here.  One thing to be happy as well is that I received my third pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, I ordered the 99 tie in grey.  They were so beautiful and comfortable as usual that’s what Jeffrey Campbell is all about.

To wrap things up I have listed my favorite blog posts to share with you guys, why?  It is all because I am touched with their ideas and their thoughts that is worth  sharing to everyone. Please check the links out.

  • Michelle was awesome and hot with her semi wet photos and YES I would agree that water is the most essential part of our life and to our everyday diet.
  • V’s IFB video is finally out and the feature is really a wonderful video, learning from the experts is really one of the best lessons I have learned in blogging especially one from the PRO’s.
  • I would love to congratulate Leia, I can hear a lot of sweet wedding bells coming soon and yes, her blog advise about not to be a sellout is simply worth the time to read.  This is such a great tip for all aspiring bloggers out there.
  • Since I am a Britney fan I considered this post as one of the most amazing, just look at Britney she is officially back.  All before Lady Gaga and Katy Perry came into the scene.  Thanks to Cheryl for this awesome post.
  • My favorite Mel of Modanista Junkie, made me smile the entire week, this is all because of her awesome DIY tutorials and yes please look at how she is so practical when in comes to fashion.  It does not have to be expensive to be fashionable.
  • The gorgeous Neira is one of the people who is part of the Boston’s sexiest and trust me she deserves that spot.  Get to know her and yes please VOTE for her lovies.
  • Lastly, I found a new Cebuana blogger, you all know how much I love my hometown and I have been inspired with the local bloggers in town.  So here is another beautiful blog of a super amazing Cebuana named Maricar.  Get to know her plus her secrets in beauty.

So there you go my amazing readers, hope you had an amazing weekend?  More happy and positive posts soon.

And say hello to Precious, she is the new addition to my favorite stuff bears 😀



20 thoughts on “Sunday wrap-up”

  1. Omg you are too cute! Thank you so much for linking and for the kind words
    You are too sweet! Hope you’re enjoying your week!

    P.s. the JC shoes are to die for!! 🙂


  2. i really love the shoes bitch…they look so classy and so clean…heavy ka, dli na jud ka mareach..hehehehehe

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