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sweet vanilla meet-up and the queens freebies

dress: FIGHT store

earrings: F21

bracelet: F21

rings: Elle Veztida

shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

bag: Roberto Cavalli

gah…I look fat but still…Gizelle looks so gorgeous 😀

I love meeting up with great bloggers in Bangkok and this has been the third time I’ve met Gizelle of Vanilla Ice Cream.  I was suppose to buy her the Forever21 shoes that I owe her for being my favorite stylish last year but sad to say,  there were only a number of shoes available.  So I had to compensate it for another shoe brand, anyways we went ahead and bought accessories for ourselves.  It was a wonderful time chatting with Gizelle and I am pretty excited to see her again on May for her next trip.  It is always nice to be meeting up with bloggers that you’ve grown to love over the internet.  By the way, I envy her precious hair, it’s so natural and healthy unlike my dry and flaky locks.   More photos from the Heineken Festival after my meet-up with Gizelle.

Have a Fabulous SUNDAY everyone!!!

And the Queens public launching will be on March 1, 2011.  Thank you to the first 31 members of the site.  We learned a lot of stuff from the forum and yes a lot of freebies too.  Expect freebies like this soon.  So for all active Queens this giveaway is for you.  The first daily, weekly giveaway just for all of you.  What you need to do? Click on your name as many time as possible to gain the most number of percent on the polls.  Polls will be closed after 24 hours, to be exact at 11:59 pm Philippine Time.  Are you ready?  Click on your names now!!! NO RULES…

Win this Forever 21 Oval Ring




40 thoughts on “sweet vanilla meet-up and the queens freebies”

  1. Anything you wear really looks good on you bitch. I really like your choice in terms of outfit and footwear plus the bag and the accessories…just really a complete set of a lovable fashionista.. 🙂

  2. Ugh I totally missed this fabulous post!! I did see you tweet about this dress. It’s amazing!! Love the opening on the back.

    so pretty.


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