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my heart loves pitbulls

top: crop top from FIGHT store

skirt: gift from aunt

shoes: oxford from Bangkok

bag: leather by NENA

necklace: F21

rings: F21

bangles: F21

Lately I have been having troubles breathing, this is in relation with my health condition.  When I was little I was diagnosed with Rheumatic Heart Disease which in turn became a Mitral Valve Prolapse condition which made my mother really worried with my health.  I get tired most of the times, getting palpitations every now and then.  So King and I went to the doctor last Saturday and got some medications that includes to no coffee for two weeks or if possible forever. After going to the doctor we went to Pantip 2 to see the parade of lovable big dogs inside the building.

I am a fan of dogs especially American Pitbull or what they call the nasty bullies.  Oh no, they are not nasty, in fact they are the most sweetest and lovable creature in the world.  Most of you knows that I have my two lovable pits, Stacy and Skip. When I arrived at the building my tired face was surprised by the quality of breeds and cute dogs they have.  I can’t believe that these dogs have the most amazing physique and their heads are fully grown and big.  If you are not a fan of them maybe at first glance you will freak out and would have second thoughts of touching them.  But these dogs are trained to be passionate, loving and loyal. They have the face of a beast but they have the heart of a child.  I played with some of them and even fancied to get one soon.

Thailand Pitbull Show, showed everyone the quality of pits that Thailand has to offer.  I have seen great pits in the Philippines but I have never seen a local breed of pitbulls that has the same physique of the ones being imported from America.  They are just so healthy and friendly.
This is just one way of saying that Pitbulls are not dangerous animals, it really depends on the way they were raised by their owners.  If the owner has a malicious intent to raise their dogs to fight then you will really know who is at fault.  Dogs are like humans and we should respect them just like our own child.


I am still having problems breathing and I am so sad that I have to say to coffee for now.  Do you know any other substitute for coffee?



33 thoughts on “my heart loves pitbulls”

  1. The same as mutts – or mixed/non breed dogs – they are seen as a ‘bad’ thing, coz they dont look like the average golden retriever and such. I do believe all dogs are loving beings who only wants to love you back.

    1. yes…I really…agree I hate it when people will tell you to cage your dogs because they are deadly breeds…WTF!!! all dogs knows how to bite someone…you know!

  2. Those dogs are adorable! I wanted to get a pitbull once but then my friends said that they munch on shoes, sofas and slippers! And that they’re the “dangerous” type. I don’t really know, I’ve never touched one.. but seeing these photos make me think that they’re wrong. That maybe a dog’s attitude depends upon the owner, and not the breed. Ahk! I could go on ranting. But it all boils down to: I WANT ONE! ❤

  3. hi sweetheart!! i have missed chatting with you so much. thank you for all the sweet comments on my blog and please don’t apologize at all. i completely understand that you are busy, it’s the same thing with me right now too and unfortunately i have difficulty getting to everyones’ blogs as often as usual. but as soon as things settle down i know we’ll both be chatting it up as usual!

    now onto this post! i didn’t know you had rheumatic heart disease sweetie! i’m sorry to hear you can’t drink coffee. is it because of the caffeine? are you allowed to have decaf coffee as a substitute? I sometimes drink green tea as a substitute for coffee because it is healthier, but that still has caffeine in it so if you aren’t allowed to drink coffee because of the caffeine you probably can’t have green tea either.

    i love these pit bulls! and i like that you write about how they aren’t mean like so many people think. pitbulls are so sweet and it is only because people have abused them or made them act mean that there exist some pitbulls who are like that. most of them are sweeties.

    i love the last picture of you. you look so beautiful! you’re practically glowing sweetheart!! =)

    aw i loved this post so much. hugs darling!

    Kristy Eléna – Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

  4. Aww, the dogs are gorgeous. It’s so sad that Pitbulls get such bad reputations. It’s irresponsible owners who really cause that! I used to work around a lot of Dobermans and everyone thought they looked so intimidating but they were really the sweetest, and so well trained. I’m sorry to hear about your condition, dear! I hope you’re feeling better soon! xo

  5. aaaawwww…I really love dogs shows bitch…You know I’m also so fun of dogs. Right now I have 3 dogs at home and the new pup I have is just really super energetic and 3 times naughtier that brite.hehehehehe the Chow2x in your picture is soooooo cute…hehehehehe

  6. awww, those pitbulls are adorable. most people have a misconception about them being bad but really it depends on who raise them. my cousin has one and he’s the most well behaved. about coffee, how about trying rice coffee? it tastes like the real thing but contains no caffeine

  7. I love dogs and the pit bull type dogs were all created with similar crossbreeding between bulldogs and terriers.
    I suggest you to take choccolate insteed coffee. Choccolate gives you energy and contains no caffeine.
    Greetings from Italy.

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