top: maldita

pants: bangkok harem pants

shoes: Jeffrey Campbell wedges

bag: Roberto Cavalli

rings: Elle Veztida, F21

It was a long weekend in Bangkok, it was a holiday last Friday so King and I decided to use our special voucher which we purchased from Tik Tok Thai.  We were pretty excited because King was planning to join the challenge of eating the biggest burger.  I had to say NO to the challenge since I am really on a strict diet.

King and I together with our friends went to Cafe Europe at exactly halft past 12:00 at noon, we had to wait for another 40 minutes for the burger to be cooked.  When the first burger was served we were in complete awe because of its size.   I mean, I was able to eat and witness the big size burger at Casa Verde in Cebu but this one is really enormous.  Looking at it makes me want to hate burgers forever.   King told me that he can’t do the challenge anymore.  So we decided to just take a bite of the burger and if we can’t finish the whole thing then we can just bring it home.

We had to wait for an hour or so because the orders got mixed up and they thought we only ordered one burger for the group.  So when our burger came, it was even bigger than the first one.  They added more toppings and the patty was really huge, they did compensate us for the time which took us to wait because they forgot our second order.   I wasn’t able to finish my share and imagine that it’s only 1/4 of the entire size.  The owner told us that we were able to break the record of being the slowest group to finish the burger hahahhaha. We went home at almost six in the evening, we spent the whole afternoon there talking, sharing stories and just enjoying the enormous food in front of us.

Trust me these past days I have been eating a lot, I loathe the day when we were given our monthly period because we just can’t say NO to our monthly cravings and mood swings huhuhuhh!!!!

How’s your weekend guys?  Were you able to satisfy your FOOD cravings???


26 Comments Add yours

  1. damnvixen says:

    looking at that burger makes me sad! gosh i hate dieting! lol

    1. Sweet says:

      hahaha the diet boo!

  2. Nica says:

    thanks for posting our pics Queen!;) really had fun that day;)

    1. Sweet says:

      you are welcome nics

  3. My GOD that is a massive burger! Crazy!

    Love this look on you, especially the bag. Yum!


    1. Sweet says:

      yes very tempting…now I am thinking about FOOD again

  4. tymbre says:

    OMG that it huge!!
    i want a burger now!

    1. Sweet says:

      hahaha come to bangkok and lets eat one…:D

  5. Cheryl says:

    omg on that burger Sweet! biggest i’ve seen. love your harems!

  6. Heidi Foner says:

    You do the harrom pant trend well! I don’t if I could pull them off- haha! 🙂
    The burger looks yummy too. 🙂

    1. Sweet says:

      thanks gorgeous…I am just getting use to wearing it

  7. Wow that is one big burger! But it looks delicious 🙂

    1. Sweet says:

      really delicious hehehhe

  8. KC says:

    oh you just made me hungry with this post. and that humongous burger is crazy!! love the pants, girl.

  9. cruel vitch says:

    Wow, love the burger..I don’t know if that’s the size as the Big Bang in Casa Verde here in Cebu. You made me starve with that bitch..heehehehehhe

  10. Che says:

    ¨ break the record of being the slowest group to finish the burger hahahhaha.¨- lol at this! 🙂

    That´s really a HUGE one. This made me remember of the huge breads that they sell here in food fairs. Masarap tingnan pero mahirap ubusin. hahaha!

    I want your black Cavalli bag, Sweet! 🙂

    1. Sweet says:

      yes we just had fun talking instead of eating hahahaha…

      thank god for garage sales that my aunt has to sponsor hehehhe

  11. dotie says:

    That burger is humongous!!
    I have the same exact problem…days leading to my period, my cravings for junk food is just intolerable 🙂

    eclectic du jour

    1. Sweet says:

      yes and it sucks big time boo!!!

  12. Sher says:

    Oh dear, the burger is so giant sized!! Lol, but it’s so fun to share them with ur girlfriends though:)


  13. ching says:

    food porns are the best!

    1. Sweet says:

      yes but they make you fat hahahha

  14. MelRod says:

    OMG THIS BURGER IS MASSIVE!!! The pants looks amazing on you. Super comfy.


    1. Sweet says:

      yes really really big…I am loving the pants haaahh even though at first I was like feeling so awkward…

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