me and my pretty cousin ann!!!

The last time I saw my cousin was last May before my trip to Bangkok, she is the closest person amongst my cousin maybe because of our age and how we stayed in the same place and the same school.  She has became my best friend, alliance, confidant, secret holder, lesbian lovaahhh and coffee partner.  So when she messaged me that she and her boyfriend with some of their friends will be coming over to Bangkok for two days, I was ecstatic to know about it.  My cousin and I are coffee addicts I was really looking for a 24-hour Starbucks Coffee in Bangkok but I failed and the one nearest to the hotel was already closed.  So we end up going to Siam Square and partied at Hard Rock Cafe.  It was my first time to step inside since I just visited their shop once when my brother was here last year.

This photo is a nightmare and is reminding me to dye my hair ASAP!!!

An exotic margarita, mojito and beers made our night complete.   Though we weren’t able to talk much but we did catch up with our lives, I was very happy to finally meet my cousins boyfriend, she has been very supportive with mine so it is my turn to keep her heads up and make her believe in LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

What happened to the party?  Check out the photos and you will know that we enjoyed the music, the scenery, drinks and especially each others company.

Can you guess what song was playing during this dance?

oh YES!!! when the clock strikes at 12, the show stopper starts hahahha!!!! OMG!

dress: FIGHT boutique Bangkok

blazer: Vintage finds

shoes: Monobo jellies

hat: Bangkok

necklace: gifted from my aunt

rings: Bangkok, Chinatown and Forever21

earrings: Chinatown



  1. koistyleandsuchcebu · January 30, 2011

    WoW! Having a great time huh. 🙂

  2. missy s · January 30, 2011

    and i want your dress!!! haha :]
    how i wish i can go partying and drink all the alcoholic drinks served in the bar. bohoooo ;[
    i almost dropped my bartending class last year! kay i have to taste all my mixes. nya i get allergies after. imagine my horror! ;[[

    • Sweet · January 30, 2011

      YES the dress was really beautiful, I thought it was too short but keri ra hehehehe….OMG!!! ka lingaw sa imong bartending class uyy heheheh I just learned how to mix drinks when I opened a bar last 2008 heheheh no classes at all hehehe and the result I gained weight because I always drink every night hahahaha bad habit!

  3. Audrey Allure · January 30, 2011

    Haha looked like an amazing time. Too bad I don’t see the Hard Rock Cafe here in NY get as wild as that!

    • Sweet · February 1, 2011

      yes Audrey…and everyone was just enjoying the moment

  4. Ilse · January 30, 2011

    can’t go wrong with hardrock cafe :’D love their icecream ft. brownie dessert!

    • Sweet · February 1, 2011

      aww I haven’t tried that one hehehe I must go back and order it hehehhe

  5. MelRod · January 31, 2011

    Loving the fedora with the dress! Too cute. Looks like you enjoyed yourself very much!! 🙂


    • Sweet · February 1, 2011

      yes my dear…I was in a party mood heheheh

  6. Che · January 31, 2011

    It´s been a very long time since I last stepped inside Hard Rock Cafe but by the looks of it, the place is still a lot of fun! The last photo is so funny, was that part of the show. 😉

  7. Che · January 31, 2011

    Oh, I mean the 2nd to the last photo! 🙂

    • Sweet · February 1, 2011

      I know…nope it was not part of the show hahahaha…

  8. jasna · January 31, 2011

    You look amazing babe! Fab post!! Mwah xx

  9. Lee Oliveira · January 31, 2011

    We don’t Hard Rock here in Australia. 😦
    but looks like you had a great time.
    Margaritas.. mmm.. my fave
    Lee x

    • Sweet · February 1, 2011

      yes…oh you love margaritas too? nice

  10. cherie · January 31, 2011

    i love the lace detailing on your skirt! and i enjoyed looking at your pictures. such a fun night!

  11. Michelle @ Glisters & Blisters · January 31, 2011

    seems like you had a real blast over that night Sweet !!
    im really loving the white fedora hat 🙂

    • Sweet · February 1, 2011

      Yes babe really great night…thanks for the comment dear

  12. Imogen · January 31, 2011

    Great pictures, looks like fun. I love the Hard Rock cafe. I have only ever been to one and that is here in Australia on the Gold Coast.

    • Sweet · February 1, 2011

      wow…same here first time to enter hehehhe

  13. Rachel @ a la Modest · January 31, 2011

    Aw how fun! It’s nice to have family that you can be really close friends with! My family doesn’t live close to me at all 😦

    I dye my own hair, so if you want to save money to get rid of the black dye, just get some hair color remover and then do it at home. I dyed my hair black too, so it was so hard to get rid off! The hair color remover works though. After doing that, just redye your hair with the color you want. It’ll come out perfect 🙂

    • Sweet · February 1, 2011

      aww thanks for the idea babe…will take note about that for sure…thanks…my cousin is staying at Singapore but it was totally a surprise when she visited me here whhehehhe

  14. Heidi Foner · February 1, 2011

    You looked like you had tons of fun and looking fabulous as always! I have never eaten at Hard Rock Cafe but it looks yummy!

    • Sweet · February 1, 2011

      yes I miss my cousin a lot hehehehe

  15. KC of nouveau skin · February 1, 2011

    omg!! that girl in the floral outfit!

    love the outfit sweety. you look so cool.

    • Sweet · February 2, 2011

      thanks love hehehe…yes super funny!!!

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