Italian Dinner at Beccofino

Italiano Cena con l’amore della mia vita

sorry for Mr. BTS guard if he was included in the photo hahahah!

Last weekend despite of the bad toothache King and I decided to give ourself a treat.  Something to kick off our palate for Italian goodies.  I must say Thai food is very good and healthy but nothing can harm you if you go for an Italian dish once in awhile.  I heard about Beccofino from Tik Tok Thai, good thing I have my subscription from them.  We were able to buy a coupon for only 900 baht with 2,000 baht spending on the restaurant inclusive of drinks and food.  Isn’t that a great deal?

Ottimo cibo e il migliore servizio…

We really thought the servings were so small but we were surprised when the white pizza was served.  Ahh the awesome taste of the cheese and the crust plus we have to pair it with red wine.  We seldom go to this kind of restaurants because King sometimes feels awkward being too prime and serious but then again, fine dining at Beccofino is the best.   I must say the price per meal deserves it because the food just tastes oh so good.  A lot of couples was in our side during that night and it was the first dinner that we had to spend three hours in eating, I was even having problems finishing my Italian Lasagna and the pork pouch with mashed potatoes where insanely delicious.

I would say TikTokThai got the best deals in town and thanks to them I was able to bookmark their site.  King and I are pretty sure to spend a special night again in the restaurant.  Sorry for the quality of photos on this post, I forgot to charge my camera that day because I spend the whole afternoon taking a nap because of my fever, toothache and period (great combination huh?).  So I took some shots with my phone and only got two shots from my camera.  Oh well, gotta go now, I am quite in a rush I will be meeting up with my lovely cousin today and her boyfriend it is going to be a long Saturday night filled with awesome people.

Top: Platinum Mall Bangkok

Skirt: Glam Skirt

Shoes: The Mall Bangkapi

Bag: Quilted Bag from Nena

Bangles: Forever21 and Cebu find

Ring: Forever21 and Bangkok finds

Earrings: Forever21

sorry for the no make-up look, that is the tired and sick look of mine hahahah!

17 responses to “Italian Dinner at Beccofino”

  1. That food looks awsome what was the red dish?

    1. let me see oh yes we ordered some steak but not that big because we had to make sure to taste all the best meals they have

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  3. you look great hun, and the food—oh the food looks divine.

    Oh to Be a Muse

    1. thanks Cheryl….kisses

  4. The food looks delicious. I love white pizza with lots of veggies. Yummy.

    1. aww yes…perfect FOOD now I am craving for Italian food again

    1. yes and very comfortable too

  5. Lol that dish actually looks huge to me! You look cute btw! 🙂

    1. yes really really big…thanks love

  6. oh, you make me hunrgy. now i’m craving for amici.

    1. ahh yes FOOD hahahah

  7. awwwww. fooooods. i die!! :[ mouthwatering! their pizza looks tasty! 😀
    and heeeeey still pretty bisang stressed out 😛

    1. aww thanks love for calling me pretty

  8. Can´t get enough of that white sandals you´re wearing! 😉

    Fooood! They look so delish. Italian dishes are one of my faves and so looking at your photos is making me drool. Might as well ask the hubby to reserve our Valentine date at an Italian resto. 😉

    1. yes to die for italian foods hehehhe

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