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when did love became boring? my blue valentine

first photo: was during our college trips, second photo: was the first visit in our house last 2007 with my parents approval 😀

Being young at heart and crazy in love makes you not care about the world and what other people might think about your relationship.  All you care about is the happiness and butterflies you feel inside when you are with that special person.  You do not feel empty because he makes things possible for you, he lifts you up in the most craziest moments possible. LOVE is such a very crazy word and not everyone is lucky to experience it.

I just watched the movie Blue Valentine which stars Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling. Michelle was so beautiful in the film and did I mention Frankie (their little girl) is so adorable as well.  It is about a love story that everyone can really relate too, a love that you have found when you were still young and you cannot seemed to get your hands off with each other but everything dies down in the middle of your marriage.  A steady relationship torn apart by coldness and fading love.  After seeing the film, I wondered to myself, does LOVE really fade? or is there such thing as falling out of love?  At what point do you fall out of love?

did you know that this was our first concert together?

first few things that we had during our relationship, the first cellphone charm and bracelet from him 😀

In my experience I know I have fallen in love with so many guys in the past and I thought all of them will be the guy that I will be marrying.  I even started writing down our future child’s name.  Being in love gives you the freedom of doing the craziest things.  But I have never thought I will be able to stick to only one guy from the moment I met him when I was still 15.  I have carried a thousand memories about the two of us and until now I still feel the same way, as I did when I first realize I love him with all my heart.  We have gone through crazy times and if I have to share it with you, you might recommend our story to be made into a film.

But browsing through our old memories, I saw how we have grown as a couple, how we’ve matured in each others company and how we were able to stick around.  It was not a smooth sailing relationship but I guess all the pains and hurtful words were worth-it.  I know it does not end here because we still have a lot of hardships to take, after all we are still in the middle of our crazy life.  But I know that right now, even though we have been together for almost 10 years I would say, my LOVE for him never became BORING.  Maybe that is what I call magic, it always feels the first time I dated him in high school and I still feel the same way until now. How about you?  Have you ever felt that your love and relationship is getting to the BORING path?

Have a wonderful weekend guys!!!

first photo: 2006 birthday celebration, second photo: college practice for our play, third photo: during one of my hosting gig.

13 thoughts on “when did love became boring? my blue valentine”

  1. i once read that the feeling of being in love is only a state of euphoria. it dies down as soon as the reality of marriage kicks in. after that, either of two things can happen. they could fall out of love or level up to true love which is powered more by a sense of responsibility, compassion, etc. but it’s different for every couple. some can extend their in love state for so long. i don’t know if it’s true but that’s what i read.

    1. hahahah I think I can say that…the feeling is still here maybe it died down a long time ago but for us…it always feels the first time…it really depends on the couple on how they maintain their relationship…I hope every one should be able to apply that feeling!!!


  2. haaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy… love is in the air..:) i am so excited for this coming year 2012..:) CONGRATS IN ADVANCE..mwaaah mwaahh.. i love you both.:)

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