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a leap of faith

photo by my PensandLens photo contest winner…Nhaj Bequilla

First of all this post is dedicated to the current winner and one of my favorite blogger Kristy for winning the Full Time Fabulous blog contest, she deserves this win and I think we need someone as precious and wonderful as Kristy to promote blogging in the sense of not just being popular but for the real reason of creating a new community of great people, something some of us has already forgotten.   In her latest post she asked us about what are the risk or leap of faith that we took in our lives?  I immediately thought of only one thing and that is me being in the land of smiles, that is moving and living alone in Bangkok.

I was living a princess like life with my mom and brothers, call me a spoiled brat or whatever you want to tag about me but I think moving away and being independent made a big difference in my life right now.  I took a leap of faith when I studied for an TESOL certification in Thailand, staying here alone without knowing if I can get a job after the training was the most scariest thought in my mind.  But thank God that four days before our graduation I was happy to receive a job offer that started my journey here.  I got an apartment and shopped on my own, started a new life with the money I saved from my old business when I was still in the Philippines.

Being away from my family for the very first time was the most heart breaking experience I ever had.  It was not a smooth process when I have to spend my 24th birthday and first Christmas alone, but with all those experiences I have become what I am today.  With this leap of faith I was granted with the strength and courage to face whatever trials and tribulation alone.  I was able to open my eyes to the real world and I was able to realize that being independent is never easy.  But you see, I am thankful for all the blessings and lessons learned, I will never regret that day I decided to apply for Bangkok, seriously that was one of the best decisions in my life.

photo taken by me during the Sinulog procession 2008

I would also like to share with you one of the greatest celebration we have in my beloved hometown in the Philippines because we, Cebuanos just knows how to party, rain or shine we took part in the fluvial parade and the yearly procession in the heart of Cebu.  Despite with the rain pouring so hard over the weekend, my dear friends never failed to impress me with their partying skills.  Viva Pit Senyor!!!! Today is officially a wild and wet party in Cebu, thanks to Eden for keeping me company with her live telecast during the days event.

last two photos were taken from my Facebook friends newsfeed….


31 thoughts on “a leap of faith”

  1. What a sweet post, love. I think you’re so very brave for making the decision to leave your home for an unknown future then. I’m glad that everything has worked out for you and how it has shaped you into the beautiful, wonderful woman you are now:)


  2. I think I know how you feel though I am not living a princess-like life with my family, I was once in your shoe 10 years ago when I decided to try my luck here in Sweden and yeahh it feels great that we didn’t made a bad decision, our experiences shaped us up for who we are now.

    I enjoyed seeing all your Sinulog photos and wish to witness it in the near future. Goodluck to all your endeavors.


  3. leap of faith nga! but glad that things worked out fine there!!! You must really be courageous para pagdaanan yun — imagine living on your own on a foreign land… ;| di ko yata carry yun! so for that, i’m so proud of you 🙂

    P.S. the old Cebu pictures are amazing! lively nga talaga ang celebration ng sinulog noh 😛

    1. ehehehe it was really a big risk for me…but good thing I was able to survive wheew…I guess para din talaga sa akin yun…I was so dependent with my family and friends…so I think it was a great experience…

  4. Thanks for writing this post. It really made me wanna take a chance in life my self, I’m as you know thinking about moving to Berlin, and this post made me certain that it is a risk/chance I wanna take. 🙂

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