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Today is officially December 22, the blog event for all lovers and supporters of my dear blogger friend Kristy.  If you haven’t read her blog, you better visit her Vogue Gone Rogue and participate in her Full Time Fabulous blog.  Make sure to leave your sweetest comment, rate it and liked it on Facebook of course sharing is always loving.

This post is officially dedicated to her, why?  Because she is the greatest blogger of all, imagine her writing 30 posts for a month for her Full Time Fabulous blog, isn’t she a certified FAB?

So to commemorate this great day, I will be writing 30 reasons why I love Kristy and why she deserves to win.

1. I think I have already told you that she has a slight resemblance of my beautiful French cousin, it might be her eyes, her perfect nose or her precious smile but every time I look at Kristy’s photos it always makes me smile.

2.  She is born to be FAB, yes you heard it right.  She is a PRO and a natural in front of the camera and her photos.  It doesn’t need to take much effort in taking a photo of her because she is naturally gorgeous.

3.  The camera LOVES her, no bad angles.  Even if she doesn’t smile she still looks amazing.

4.  She has great talent.  She is not only a good photographer but she is very good with video editing and her shots are really amazing.  As a Mass Communication graduate I know how hard it is to edit videos and create something from raw footages.

5.  STYLE ICON, I can classify her as one because her styles are not over the top, but classy.  She sets trends and wears it as her own.  Something you can never find in other bloggers.

6.  I love her luscious locks, yes her hair is without a doubt a certified scene stealer.  Everytime I look at her videos and photos it always stands out.

7.  One of the most friendly bloggers I have ever met.  We are totally miles apart but trust me when I started following her blog she was totally amazing to follow my blog too.  And on top of that she never leaves a “hey great post” comment but a personal one.  She goes an extra mile in writing her opinions with her post.  Which makes me feel so special.

8.  Even though she leaves a dozens of photo comments in my Delance Fashion album, I do not mind at all because her comment makes me oh sooo happy.

9.  I always loved her skin and body.  For me she has the perfect body type and skin color, the type where I always envision myself if I was born in another era.

10.  She is one hot TRAVEL BUG.  She loves traveling and her passion for culture and arts never fades in her posts.  Every time she shares her wonderful experience I always feel as if I was part of it.

11.  Best Writer, she writes the most interesting topics and messages to her supporters and readers.

12.  A real artist, YES!!!! she is, if you can equate all her talents, she is one GREAT ARTIST!!! Can anyone beat that?

13.  Down to earth, one of her best features is her awesome personality.  Not all bloggers is as sweet, thoughtful and charming as her.

14.  I think one of the best things she has done for me is to open my eyes to wonderful bloggers out there, she relates to each and everyone of us on top of that she leaves a very inspiring mark for us to follow.

15.  This may sound creepy but she is a REAL Goddess!!!  In one of her vacations the only thing that stuck in my head is her beautiful white dress which reminds me of The Goddess of Beauty APHRODITE.

16.  She is one of the most eloquent bloggers, have you watched her videos and heard her talk?  Just see for  yourself.

17.  Not only she discovers and shares her favorite bloggers but she also visits and makes each blogger stand out.  I am one of the examples of those bloggers.

18.  She is the cutest friend of all, why?   If she forgets something in her messages and etc.  She never fails to make me smile because of her gestures.  It is like reading her messages and hearing her voice at the same time.

19.  As a blogger she doesn’t look for popularity but I think she has found something really big.  She became the sole reason why all bloggers right now are uniting in Twitter for #teamkristy.

20.  She has made my blogging experience totally amazing.  She has opened my eyes to a lot of great possibilities and oppurtunities.  And yes with this post I have to thank her for that.  Hats off to my dear Kristy for making things possible not only for me but for everyone.  You have united us in one cause.  This is made for you in free will because you deserved it and I know that there are more than 1,000 bloggers out there ready to show their full support for you.

For my last 10 reasons why we should choose Kristy, I will leave you with great links from her blog and Full Time Fabulous post.  My 10 favorite photos, features, videos and posts by KRISTY ELENA.

21. #TeamKristy day POST



24.  My Favorite Video from her

25.  a future PRADA model? I think it\’s HER!!!

26.  This post reminds me of the sunset in the Philippines

27.  She definitely rocked in this POST (an ode to bloggers)

28.  A simple cafe post but she rocked the photos!!!

29.  A Sunglass SURPRISE

30. and my favorite POST of all time.  The Goddess Aphrodite in a deserted HEAVEN

There I have said everything, hahahah! I am not stalking her but she has made a great impact in my blogging life that is why making this post for her is really special.

Do not forget to visit her Full Time Fabulous blog rate it with 5, leave a comment and share with your friends.

Again to everyone!!! Happy #TeamKristy.  Let us DO THIS!!! FOR THE WIN!!!!



45 thoughts on “#TeamKristy”

  1. All good reasons. I really hope she wins, but regardless she is fabulous and has a bright future ahead of her.
    Like you, I think I am touched more by her kindness and warmth and the fact such a multi-talented, gorgeous creature goes out of her way to make us feel welcome, well it’s beyond as you put it, being popular, it’s being loved.

    Happy #teamkristy day!

  2. Sweetheart!!!! This post made me both laugh and cry!!!! This is so incredibly sweet and kind, you always know just what to say. Lol, I am so glad you don’t mind when I leave you tons of comments on ur delance posts. I always love your photos so much, I can’t help it. Lately I’ve really missed delance, I don’t get to spend as much time on it unfortunately. Thank you again for this amazing post darling, I appreciate it so very much. You are a true inspiration, a wonderful person, and a beautiful woman. It is my dream to visit the Philippines and thailand one day… It will be so exciting if we have the opportunity to hang out! Hugs to you!

  3. AWWWWW. This post is so sweet. It made me swoon. Which is really weird, but yay. I totally dibs you making me a post like this! 😉 Hahaha. I’m kidding. Half kidding.

    Merry (almost) Christmas! Hope it’s as fabulous as your blog! Thanks for always being so sweet !

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