Be shaped with FASHION

“Be your shaped and fashioned by what you like…”

I saw this quote in the middle of Central World last week when the hub and I went out for a little Christmas shopping.  We bought some goodies for our Christmas tree and I fell in love with the heart shaped fashion quote.  I am not size a zero or a 2 but I am happy with my body.  I feel so sexy and I am satisfied with it.  I may have struggled with being a bit BIG 2 years ago but it did not hinder me to go the distance and reach my goals, my confidence level was never a big issue.  When I lost weight here in Thailand and saw my old photos that was the time I realized how big I was but never really cared because I was happy with what my size is.  Now I am perfectly back in my old shape and weight.  Not too skinny, not also overweight.  The healthy SWEET, with this I am very much open to dress and style my own self with what I like and not with what other people tells me.  My tastes changes every now and then but I am what I am.  The style factor is from myself, nothing more, nothing less.  I might find certain inspirations from friends and other style icons but I will never go to the extreme of being a copy cat.  I always tell myself not to dress up to be like someone but style and be fashionable so that you will be the ONLY ONE!!!

Everyone of us might struggle in FASHION from time to time, but being happy with what you are and what you have will make you gain more hearts in the long run…never assume about something you can never have…always be REAL!!!

this blog post will be continued….WATCH FOR IT!!!

Wish me luck for my first hosting gig tomorrow.  I will be hosting the Christmas Celebration of the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok.  Gawdd, nerve racking experience.  It’s been a long time since I have hosted a party.



40 responses to “Be shaped with FASHION”

  1. very inspirational post, Sweet. i love the healthy Sweet. 🙂
    good luck on the hosting gig!

  2. Aww, good luck Sweet! You can do it perfectly, I know. 🙂 As for fashion, I think it´s best to have your own style, maybe take some inspiration from the others out there but you shouldn´t be a total copycat. I also prefer a healthy body than a thin and sickly body. 🙂

    1. aww thank you so much…originality counts…make it as an inspiration but not your own copy…

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  4. How cool!!! Good luck 🙂 Love your skirt!

    1. thanks Elaine….kisses xoxox

  5. yes, everyone should be happy with their shape and size. at the same time, everyone should be responsible. good luck on your gig. 😀

    1. thanks love…kisses xoxox mwuah

  6. yes it really is true! Because we r made in different shape for a reason. Beautiful reason 🙂

    1. I couldn’t agree more

  7. Hey love,
    what a wonderful post, and that picture really rocks!!!
    I am soo jealous you can still wear shirt and skirt:-)
    Lots of love from

    1. thanks love…the skirt is very comfy and I love the feminine feel…and the shirt…cool shirts from my favorite shop…thanks for the visit…

  8. I’m glad to hear you’re happy with your body – it’s so important 🙂

  9. I think this is a great message, very empowering!

    Good luck with your hosting duties, I hope it all goes smoothly.

    xoxo, Ashley

    1. thanks love…it was tiresome but worth it

  10. What a great slogan and glad to see something positive. Is Central World still partly closed down? I love that department store, Zen. Just noticed you on twitter so following you now too


    1. yes thank so much…Central world is still 60% open…still waiting for Zen to open next year…following you on twitter too…

  11. such an inspiring post sweet…i myself am struggling with not having the ‘ideal’ body type for fashion but i have continued to rock with it…even in my bad days.

    good luck on your hosting gig!

    ♥ Check out the Fashion to Figure Giveaway at V.I.C. ♥

    1. same here gizelle but you look fine and gorgeous with your outfit…hehehe kisses 😀

  12. Oh, very nice message! By the way, i love your skirt and those shoes in this outfit. Looking great! Oh, and goodluck on the hosting thingy. Have a great week! 🙂

    1. thanks babe…I did great…it was a blast

  13. I am in love with this quote. I love everything about it. Hmmm.. Maybe I can use this inspirational message on my next canvas DIY…?

    p.s. good luck to you on your first hosting gig! How exciting. I know you’ll do great!


    1. yes please do….whehehe!!!! thanks love…the hosting gig was a bit tiring…

  14. a gigantic hearty purse?! with a lovely quotes?! just so beautiful! i hope you enjoyed the hosting! ❤

    1. yes love…super tired lang jud after

  15. Love it! Thanks for sharing darling 🙂

  16. Love the heart! Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Boho Market Blog

    1. you are welcome babe!

  17. What a darling you are! I love the quote, and you look divine as always (the shooooes! I’m in love). You’re always such an honest and genuine blogger, truly inspiring. (:

    1. thank you so much…yes the shoes are so comfortable but I had a bit of blisters after using them…it’s been a long time since I started wearing heels

  18. Cool pictures and great outfit!

  19. you are so right!!!!!! SO RIGHT! in my opinion confidence means to stop caring about what other people tell you (and think about you). Being proud of my self it’s the only way to be happy….and concerning fashion is the same.. our style is the result of our culture,our ideas, our character..that’s way we should wear what we want no matter what other say!
    lovely post my dear!

    1. thank you so much love…mwuah xoxo

  20. I’d be inclined to grant with you here. Which is not something I typically do! I love reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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