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World of Happiness

After the tragic fire last May, Central World has finally revived their Christmas spirit and brought Bangkok the happiest place in town.  The Central Square holds a giant Christmas Tree that lights different sets of colors with big toys that features the Russian Dolls.  It’s like winter wonderland minus the snow.  They have the huge sleigh, Christmas balls, cute trees and colorful designs which were sponsored by the different companies in Thailand.  It’s the time of happiness again.  Even though Zen is not yet finish, but you can see that the Thai people was able to move on.  Their beautiful smiles are back and with what Central World has given us.   This is the time of the year when we should be the most happiest of all.

I was feeling like a kid seeing the colorful lights and giant toys.  Of course I wouldn’t miss to pose and have fun.  I miss spending Christmas in the Philippines, the Christmas lights and the traditional parol, merry making and Christmas parties are the best.  Nothing beats spending Christmas with your family.  How I wish I can spend it with them this year.


top: Fight fashion

shorts: bangkok finds

shoes: oxford bangkok finds

bag: nena

hat: bangkok finds

earrings: forever21

bracelet: gifted

oh the most fancy Mini Cooper in town.

Advance Happy Holidays!!!




47 thoughts on “World of Happiness”

  1. iloveyour outfit!! 🙂 i like the masculine touch!and your brogues! ❤ christmas is really fast approaching! i wonder where will i be spending christmas though 😦

  2. You look like your having the time of your life in this “Central World”. I love the decorations and that Mini Cooper is so unique with all the bulbs attached to it.
    I like your hat and your denim shorts, very casual chic.
    P.S. You are so kind, thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog, you made me blush.

  3. Yay! Loving the lights and the Xmas decor around you, Sweet. 🙂

    The b/w stripes, shorts and white oxfords look so well put together. By the way, you and the embellished Mini Cooper look so perfect together. 😉

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