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Orient Automatic Watch birthday giveaway!

Few hours from now I will be turning 25 and so much of my birthday giveaways.  But of course I would not forget my beloved international readers who continuously supports my blog.  I am just a newbie but I have met and interacted with a lot of amazing bloggers.  The real bloggers who mingled and talked to a simple blogger like me.

So this is all for you, if I could pick one thing that I cannot live without that would be a watch.  I always rely with my watch.  I have two watches given by my dad and another one which is already small for my wrist.  I feel naked if I forget to wear my watch, it has been a habit already and my wrist got use to it.




That is why I am very lucky that the great people from Orient USA are kind enough to give my readers a watch from the Standard line of Orient USA worth $135.

Orient USA has the most sophisticated line of watches with a minimalist design and a fashion forward finish for the ladies out there, you can check out the CET06001W design to know more about this.

Plus for the gentleman, they have designed their watches to have a stainless steel body and some standard lines are water resistants just like the CTT02002D that suits the mens line made especially for your partner.


Now, all you need to do in order for you to win this watch is very simple.

1.  You should be a follower of my bloglovin\’ for  you to qualify.

2.  Just answer this question “If you can give me one gift for my birthday, what would it be?”

3.  Please include your name and your e-mail address.

I will be choosing the winners by

This giveaway is open until December 07, 2010.  This is open to U.S. residents only.

Send in your entries now it is so easy to join, spread the love and tell your friends too.

Best of Luck everyone!!!


Kisses xoxox


36 thoughts on “Orient Automatic Watch birthday giveaway!”

  1. follwed you already at bloglovin..:D

    hmmmmmmmmp… i’d probably give you POOH’s twin brother..:D wahehehehhe.. the big one..:D coz i know u love pooh so muchh..:D

    1. ay.. bwhahahaha.. US residentsb ra diay.. cge lng tepie apila lng kay if ever makadaug.. adtu naku ipa send sa akung cuz sa US.:D gift nlng pud naku. eheheh

  2. Hi, Sweet! 🙂

    Glad to have found a schoolmate from high school on the blogosphere. Happy birthday! And congratulations on the nomination (2010 Phil Blog Awards – Visayas). Though I won’t qualify for the giveaway, would like to wish you a happy birthday still. May you have what your heart truly desires. 🙂

  3. OMG!! I am in need of a watch! I actually do not own one. 😦 I would buy you some jewelry! I am already a follower. I will email you my email address! 🙂


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