25 SWEET years

This is going to be my second time to spend my birthday away from my family.  As much as I wanted to stay strong and happy but in moments like this, I seriously miss my entire family. My mom who always greets me Happy Birthday in the morning, my brothers who unexpectedly give me gifts out of the blue and yes friends who sends messages in my phones. Nothing beats the old traditional birthday celebration.  Apart from missing lechon (the famous roasted pig in Cebu), I miss my birthday party too.  I miss hanging out with my friends and going to church early in the morning to thank God for another year of happiness and good health.

But despite of all the sadness I am feeling today, I have gained a lot of wonderful experiences being alone as well.  I am not technically alone, I still have my friends with me.  Thanks to Facebook for constantly reminding my friends that it’s my birthday, at least in that moment people would take time to write “Happy Birthday” in your wall.

And yes to my hub who is as excited as I am on my big day.  I am no longer excited to spend my birthday maybe because seeing my age increase every year gives me the scary feeling.  I cannot imagine I still have 5 more years to finish all the things that I need to do before I reach 30.  Time has gone by so quickly, this year has been a great blessing to me.  Tragic things may have happened but I was blessed with wonderful people and great opportunities this year.


I am loved by a lot of my friends and at this age, I am able to experience the fun and excitement of life.  I can say I am almost half way through.  I have gained great friends and was able to sift who my real friends are.  I am wise in making decisions but still childish with my wants and needs.  I still need to be responsible in taking actions and will try to be more discipline in terms of promises and future plans.  But with this amazing year, I am blessed not just with my personal life but with my virtual life as well.  Friends from around the world who I have met online and became a great part of my life.  Being 25 is not a big deal but I wish I was still a kid, where I do not have to worry about money, love and life.  I have gained a lot of bruises and healed my own wounds.  I have broken my heart, fixed it, mended it and was able to bring it back as a whole again.

Life’s has its ups and down, those trials and bumpy roads are just spices in our life, that makes every journey worthwhile.  I may piss and scream sh*ts but in the end I have to say, I am a complete a HUMAN person. I have a bad-ass life casts with  bad-ass characters in my story.  My story does not end here, this is just another chapter of my so called paradise.  Remember I am your ultimate Drama Queen.

Happy Birthday to me and to everyone who is born on the 23rd of November.  Happy Birthday strong and passionate Sagittarian.

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  1. damnvixen says:

    ILY budlat! cheers to 25! my god i feel old!

    The ViXeN’s LaiR

  2. MelRod says:

    OMG! You are too cute. I love these photos.


  3. fhen says:

    happy happy bithday to you my dear
    hope all your wish come true and alll the best for years ahead
    im totally agree with your statement above!
    and i believe you’ve learned a lot in the past 25 years but yet will discover more things in life
    live love laugh

  4. Jen says:

    I’m sorry you can’t be with your family on your Birthday, but I hope that you will still be able to enjoy your day. I love the photos of you when you were little. Such a cute!


  5. Happy B-day sweetest Sweet!!! I feel so lucky to have found you in the sea of blogs 😀 I hope you’ll one day soon be able to celebrate your B-day with your family again, and btw such cute pictures of you!

    Love your fellow Sagittarius 😉

    1. Sweet says:

      thank you so much Emilie…you are the greatest!

  6. Leah says:

    Happy birthday Sweet! Don’t be scared of getting old, you will still look fabulous even if you’re 30. Have a great day my dear! xoxo

    1. Sweet says:

      aww thank you Leah…mwuah kisses

  7. Heidi Foner says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have a great one and have lots of fun! 🙂

    1. Sweet says:

      aww thank you so much Heidi

  8. ching says:

    happy birthday sweet! looking back at old pictures always warms my heart. i hope you have a great day! 🙂
    yeeey! my email: lucille_akazukin@yahoo.com
    facebook: lucille menoria apa-ap

    1. Sweet says:

      thank you love…mwuah xoxoxkisses

  9. MISSY S says:

    happy birthdaaaay! enjoy! 🙂 dont forget to thank him for another fabulous year! :*

    1. Sweet says:

      yes I won’t dear…kisses!

  10. Miss Neira says:

    Aw such lovely photos!! Happy Birthday!

    Miss Neira

    1. Sweet says:

      Thank you love…mwuah xoxox

  11. Kate says:

    I can relate to a lot of this. Birthdays are a big, big deal in my family as well.

    1. Kate says:

      Oh hey, if you want to stop by my blog again, I have a poll up right now. I want people’s responses so I can tailor my blog to fit the interests of my followers. Give me your input and any unique idea you may have.

      1. Sweet says:

        thank you so much my dear…will do later…thank you

  12. Casee Marie says:

    Aww, happy birthday! Somehow I didn’t get a reminder on Facebook that is was your birthday. I’m so sorry you can’t be with your family, but it is nice to have friends around and it’s this time of the year that makes the power of the internet so special, connecting us to people all over the world and gaining new and meaningful friendships and wishes. I do hope you had a spectacular day – actually, right now it’s only 9:38pm on November 22 in the States so your birthday hasn’t begun yet! Haha. Anyway, I’m so blessed to have met you and experienced this beautiful blog of yours. You have the most sparkling personality and the greatest charm! It shines right through the computer. You’re a special lady and you deserve the very very best day. I hope you have that. (:

    1. Sweet says:

      Yes Casee, I am so blessed with great friends and amazing new set of friends too…wow!

  13. love your junior pics!!

    thanks so much for commenting on my blog. 🙂

    keep in touch.xx


    1. Sweet says:

      aww thank you mwuah

  14. Sher says:

    Sweetie, I hope you’re having the sweetest birthday possible! Its lovely to share this birthday month with someone as special as you!!


    p.s. you are the cutest, hun!!

    1. Sweet says:

      Thank you so much Sher…mwuah kisses xoxox

  15. Roberta says:

    as always..I love to read your toughts! you are great…I wish you a HAPPPYYY BIRTHDAY my dear!!

    1. Sweet says:

      Thank you so much love!

  16. Cheryl says:

    feel happy Sweet! it’s your birthday! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    love your photos–so cute!


    1. Sweet says:

      Thank you so much Cheryl…

  17. Leia says:

    Happy birthday to you Sweet! 🙂

    1. Sweet says:

      thank Leia dear mwuah

  18. you’re life is just starting. face it with excitement all the time. happy birthday, dear! 😀


    1. Sweet says:

      thank you so much my dear…

  19. AVATARLADY says:

    Hello there. I know it’s too late for the greeting, but happy birthday!!! It’s my first time here on your blog. Thanks for sharing the photos,,, that’s so courageous and sweet of you to put up all these online when they are very personal. You do have many reasons to be thanked for. That sweet smile is one. Smile and the world smiles with you. =)

    1. Sweet says:

      aww thank you so much for the sweet message kisses to you…

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