Promote a Friend: Phoebe

Wouldn’t you be impress if you happen to know someone who studies medicine and still rock the party scene?  Oh no!!! She is not your average rebel but she is your bad-ass soon to be Doctor.  A girl with so much dreams and hopes has maintained a good ranking in her studies but never deprives herself in having fun.  She knows how to handle stress pretty well in which I envy a lot.

I have known her just this year, I never thought a buyer of my clothes from my garage sale could turn out to be my newest online friend.  We have a lot of friends in common, plus we have the same likes and interests too.  I think those factors made us clicked in an instant.

I am so proud of her for becoming who she really is, she reminds me of my younger self where I still party in the middle of our thesis making but hey! I did grab the highest spot when I graduated college.   So you see?  There is always leisure in having fun while studying.

Thank you for Phoebe for taking time to answer these questions despite of your busy schedule.


Read my interview about her, know her interesting and amazing life.


“My enigmatic eyes, kissable lips and….” – Phoebe


Name: Phoebe Bacalso



Pibyang Tumblr

Shaxyra Tumblr




How would you describe your personality?

I’m a happy person. I’m less complicated and I simply love to take things easy.


What do you do now?

Second year medicine student of Cebu Doctors’ University Hospital and at the same time a Marketing Director of MCJR Realty and Dev. Corp.


Who and what inspires you in life?

St. Therese of Lisieux-Little things for Jesus…


What are you good at?

The only thing I think I’m good at is… finding good food. Going around the city for food trips… I’m also good with alcohol binge drinking.. never passed out… ever! Well aside from that.. I’m also into theatre. I played Cosette 2 years ago for RYPIT’s Les Miserables.


What are your fascinations in life?

Everything in Life. Love. And MED SCHOOL!




Share to us your beauty regimen?

I just wash my face every night and I don’t really put much beauty products on myself because I am allergic to almost everything… I’m happy with Celeteque and Cetaphil…, hydrate myself, feed myself with good food and just let myself feel good. I also jog regularly to keep myself fit.


What is your fashion style?

Simple and comfortable. I love dangling earrings and accessories.

On “studyout weekends” I just wear CDU-CM shirts/ Aerpostale/Ed Hardy shirts, shorts and my espadrilles and sometimes a CDUCM jacket with it. And when I’m in the mood to dress up, I really dress up. I also love going around looking for thrift finds.. A lot of good stuffs are found in the thrift stuffs. Sometimes, I also love vintage! I’m a moody fashion stylist. hehe


“I also love vintage! I’m a moody fashion stylist. hehe” – Phoebe


What makes you busy or what are you up to now?

MEDSCHOOL and my work,


What are your frustrations in life, keep on the lighter side (a frustrated ballerina, frustrated singer and etc.)?

A frustrated diplomat of some sorts. A frustrated writer. A frustrated housewife. HAHA


What is the biggest personal change you’ve made lately?

Being obsessed with STUDYING.. hehe! And… taking a few risks.. and probably.. falling in love.. waaat?! HEHE


What are your three physical feature that you get complimented on often?

My enigmatic eyes, kissable lips and…. Just how much  I lost weight over the year!


Do you like spontaneity or stability more?

I love to be spontaneous. I get excited in spontaneity!




Know more about Phoebe:

City: CEBU!!! And Singapore comes a close second
Food: I love Japanes and European dishes
Comedian: hmmm.. the one in kimi dora?
Artist: Channing Tatum
Fashion Icon: I like Kim Kardashian, Leighton Meester
Movie: Notting Hill
Books: books of Paulo Coelho
Songs: Stay-Lisa Loeb
Websites: FB, twitter,


On a scale of 1-10 how organized are you in terms of:

Setting your priorities? 9
Your goals in life? 9
Your relationships with other people? 9
How about your career? 9
With your needs and wants? 7


“I’m a happy person. I’m less complicated…” – Phoebe








  1. shaxyra · November 18, 2010

    hehe… super like!!!

    • Sweet · November 18, 2010

      thank you for the interview babe!!!! kisses xoxox

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  5. Audrey Allure · November 18, 2010

    I think that’s awesome she has such a successful career ahead of her but still can have fun & party 🙂

    • Sweet · November 19, 2010

      yes she really is very smart and beautiful too

  6. damnvixen · November 18, 2010

    super pretty! i like!

    • Sweet · November 19, 2010

      yes love the pictures sa?

  7. Elaine · November 19, 2010

    What a fun series!!! It’s so fun to meet friends from the internet isn’t it? That’s awesome that you did!

    • Sweet · November 19, 2010

      I know…sometimes online friends are the coolest 😀

  8. cherie · November 19, 2010

    she look so pretty! and brainy too because she studies medicine 🙂

    • Sweet · November 19, 2010

      I know…its hard right? but she was able to manage it

  9. MISSY S · November 19, 2010

    shes pretty! thats seems a pretty interview! nice one!

    • Sweet · November 19, 2010

      thanks love..yes she is indeed

  10. Leia · November 19, 2010

    She seems like an amazing person!

    • Sweet · November 19, 2010

      she is…really great!!!

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