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when it doubt, you go shopping!

If there is one thing I love about Bangkok is because of it’s wide array of cheap stuff plus if you can speak Thai you have a great chance of asking for a discount.  I am not fluent when it comes to the Thai language but I can speak and start a conversation little by little plus with my Asian features I have a greater chance of getting more freebies from them, since they all think I am Thai. That is the beauty when  you go shopping in Bangkok and you can speak a little Thai.

So last week after I was confused and not thinking clearly the only remedy is retail therapy and I was able to buy great stuff with an amount of 800 baht, most likely a budget of $27.  Got a tutu skirt from Topshop, a Chanel inspired top from Central World, Bangkok City loose top, a pink polka dots top and a maxi dress from Platinum Mall.

can’t wait to sport this Chanel inspired shirt

they sell this one for 650 baht – $21 but since I can speak Thai and asked them in Thai, they gave it to me for 350 baht that’s $11…SWEET deal right?


Tutu skirt from Topshop


Bangkok City loose shirt and the polka dot shirt

100 baht – $3 each.


the blue maxi dress is the best birthday dress for me got it for $6 – 200 baht

and the pink dress is from Forever21 got a huge discount because of my deal with them, got the dress for only 150 baht – $5


I did not get the F21 red dress from my previous post because it was only the last dress and aside from that I fell in love with all the items here.  I was able to buy a lot of stuff with the budget for the red dress.  I would rather get loads of stuff rather than only one dress.


How about you?  Are you having a great weekend, today is the Pacquiao – Margarito fight, are you watching?  Or are you going to the malls because there is no traffic outside.  Enjoy your SUNDAY!!!!  Let us go fight win…for Pacquiao’s victory.




32 thoughts on “when it doubt, you go shopping!”

  1. Oh my goodness, lady, look at all your wonderful finds! That Chanel-inspired shirt is so cool. Can’t wait to see you workin’ it! And I’m kind of jealous that you have a TopShop! 😉

  2. greaat great finds! i love the tutu skirt! i dont know where to buy em here! 😦 and that maxi dress is adorable!! everythinggggg here is just sooo beautiful! its hard to pick just only one! haiiii bangkok! ibog npd ko ;p

    i had a great weekend too! and i watched the boxing too. im a pakyaw fan haha im even gonna go to gensan for his birthday. lol (fangirling) haha and the start of the week is just amazing too. i just got home from shopping.

  3. Lovely lovely lovely! Yes when in doubt, go shopping! I didn’t get a chance to watch the fight over the weekend, but I heard it was a great fight! My weekend was actually busy and fun! Hope your weekend was wonderful!


  4. ahhh yess the joy of shopping in asia = bargains ! lol..
    we have to speak indonesian in order to get the good bargains here too !
    and there’s sort of an “act” we have to go through in order to get the bargain.. like we have to pretend to leave and not want the item, and they’ll usually shout us back to buy it . lol

  5. Sweet,

    The shirt is fab and the tutu skirt, what a sweet deal! You´re so lucky to be living in one of the fashion and wallet friendly havens of the world. 🙂

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